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  1. Meet him a few times excellent guest
  2. Post Con Blues

    i know i want it to be now but need some time to save up.
  3. Kevin smith appreciation

    Brilliant guest and hope he will come again. Chatted and entertained while getting autograph and photo. Still can't believe it was last week.
  4. Pilou Asbaek Appreciation Thread

    Definitely a highlight to meet him and he was hilarious with bantering with the fans
  5. Natalie Dormer Appreciation :)

    Really enjoyed meeting Natalie shaking her hand and getting autograph asking where i come from . Wish now i went for a photo shoot as well .
  6. Nice announcements showmasters and great price if I have any money left.
  7. I have just seen this and fainted someone help me
  8. Latest Guest Announcement TOMMY FLANAGAN

    Nice guest and he's done good films and hopefully will be able to meet him
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - KEVIN SMITH

    Diamond pass booked and very happy to be meeting him. Great guest from showmasters
  10. You know Pele yeah?

    Legend and a gentleman was my dream come true shaking his hand,saying hello photo with and autograph. Happy day
  11. Who did you meet today?

    I had a great day meeting the legend Pele he looked pleased to meet everyone and getting photo and autograph was a dream. Tony Curran Daniel Portman Gemma Whelan Kristian Nairn Marc Warren Ron Donachie Trevor Brooking Ricky Hatton Michael Watson Jack Charlton Anthony Crolla Conor Benn Steve Collins Carl Froch Everyone was magic to showmasters
  12. Latest Sports Guest Announcement - MICHAEL WATSON

    Nice again Showmasters bring quality will be on my wanted list
  13. Latest Guest Announcement - TONY CURRAN

    Great cool guest not sure yet what pic to get him to sign
  14. Latest Sports Guest Announcement - RICKY BURNS

    Another boxer to my wanted list