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  1. Lecter

    General Chat

    Question stupid, how do I upload photos from my mobile device to this forum?
  2. Sam Neill today no photoshoot 9:30 AM? I have batch 1...
  3. Lecter

    Countdown Thread

    I am in departure from italy , i will be there tomorrow...
  4. Lecter

    Guest Cancellation - Val Kilmer

    Noo how many guests canceled
  5. Lecter

    italian shomasters fans

    È un periodo che va a ruba
  6. Lecter

    italian shomasters fans

    Nh kensington
  7. Ok I will follow your advice thanks
  8. I have the following photo services: Sam Neill (Batch 1) PHOTO B James Caan ( Batch 2) PHOTO A Lance Henriksen ( Batch 3) PHOTO F same time from 9:30 to 9:55 am...what the moderators recommend me?
  9. Lecter

    italian shomasters fans

    Ciao non sono l’unico allora io starò solo il 28...
  10. Lecter

    Answers to FAQ

    When they are going out the hours of the photo sessions of the guests,we wanting to discard the temporary one released last weekend?
  11. Lecter

    Answers to FAQ

    You have been clear, more or less I start to learn the rules of this convention, I hope I have no problem ...
  12. Lecter

    Answers to FAQ

    Ok thanks
  13. Lecter

    Answers to FAQ

    During the photo session with the guests, how do I understand my batch from the queue?