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  1. Goldpass holders are allowed to use that exit (it’s the gold entrance also) i found it a bit strange that people were not allow to use that exit and when they saw my wristband they told me to go ahead.
  2. He was shaking hands and chatting during autograph session but no personalizations. He blew a kiss at my wife so she was happy. during the photoshoot he just stood like a wax statue with his hands in his pockets.
  3. in the morning i was told they weren't finished yet and later i was told i wouldn't get one and the vouchers were a mistake???
  4. 5 minutes in and out.collecting our gold and diamond passes. Excellent!
  5. For those who have done the Thursday collecting previously, is it better to go early afternoon or later at night? what wait times should I expect?
  6. You are not the only one unfortunately. Still waiting for last years lfcc stuff. I kinda gave up on it,very frustrating. you bet that once this years lfcc is finished there will be such a massive pile that you will never get your stuff back.
  7. Shockmaster! He is a very nice guy.
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