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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - ROSE MCIVER

    Awesome guest, thank you SM! Will definately book a photo op with her when I get paid again. Will most likely get her autograph too. Would love to see some more izombie guests to keep her company if possible. Rahul Kohli and Robert Buckley would be brilliant guests.
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM WELLING

    Booked my first ever diamond pass yesterday, so excited to meet Tom, been a fan of his since I started watching Smallville back in 2003! Thank you SM!
  3. How much have people spent this year?

    I got 7 photoshoots and 4 autographs, including travel, a few funko pops I bought and food expenses I spent just shy of £700. Booked the photoshoots over the last 5 months though so managed to spread the cost which helped. Still more than I thought before I added it all up!
  4. Weekend Highlights!

    Meeting Benedict Cumberbatch, I wasn't expecting much of an interaction with him as I only had a photo with him but he shook my hand, said good morning and nice to meet you. Then thanked me and told me to have a great day. He was a complete gent and I was very impressed with how he took a moment to speak to everyone even though he was so busy, he must've taken 1000's of photos each day and still managed to make it a special moment for everyone. Getting a hug from Finn Jones in the photo shoot. Meeting Alyson Hannigan who was so sweet, I don't know why but I thought she might be a bit quiet but she seemed genuinely happy to be there and also took the time to speak to everyone and shake hands. Meeting Alexis Denisof and chatting to him about Angel when I got his autograph, he was really friendly and was taking lots of time to speak to everyone. It meant his queue moved slowly but it was worth the wait! Speaking to Tom Wilson, getting his autograph on my Back to the Future boxset and his response to me asking him how many people had asked him to call them a butthead. Which was "Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here!" Really didn't expect him to be so funny and he was really kind and chatty too. Wish I had got a photo with him, please bring him back to another event Showmasters!
  5. Post your lfcc pics here!

    I posted some of my favorite photos on twitter, Benedict Cumberbatch, Christopher Lloyd and John Cleese; Finn Jones; Alyson Hannigan;
  6. Michael Emerson Appreciation Thread

    I thought Michael was a great guest. He was so kind and humble. I met him first for a photoshoot and also managed to get his autograph near the end of the day. I'm so glad I didn't miss him as lots of the guests had left by then. I had a brief chat with him when I got his autograph and he said he'd had a great weekend and met some lovely people. If possible I'm even more of a fan of his now he was so nice. A true gentleman. A big thank you to Showmasters for giving me the opportunity to meet him!
  7. Jeremy Renner Appreciation Thread

    Jeremy is a class act in every way. He was so friendly and I haven't heard anyone say a bad word about him which speaks volumes! I managed to get a hug from him in the photoshoot which made me a very happy girl! :) Also got a personalised autograph and a few words with him which was much more than I expected. His photo and autograph were the most I've ever paid for a guest but it was worth every penny. Thank you so much Showmasters for bringing him to the event!
  8. LFCC 2016 Feedback Thread

    It is so refreshing to read through this thread of great feedback after all the complaints in previous years. Showmasters and all the crew deserve all the praise they are getting. They have listened to all the feedback from last year and made so many improvements I can honestly say this was the best LFCC so far. Pros: The new queuing system was a brilliant idea. I was concerned about missing a photoshoot at 9:30 as I couldn't make it to the venue until 8:45 but I needn't have worried as with the new system I was in the building by 10 past 9 and even had time to collect the VT's I wanted before I went to the photoshoot! As many others have said it was so nice to have so much more space this year. And the air conditioning was another welcome addition. All of the crew that I spoke to were friendly, well informed and were able to answer any questions I had. Guest signings and photos on one floor made it so much easier to make photoshoots in time. The guests were fantastic, even the bigger names such as Jeremy Renner seemed pleased to be there and were very friendly. Cons: The Famke photoshoot which has been discussed at length on other threads and I completely understand that Showmasters would have no control over this. I have no problem with the no touching rule as I get how some people may be uncomfortable with that. But I felt very intimated by her bodyguard who was almost in the photo and due to this I stood nowhere near her and the photo doesn't look great as we are so far apart. Although having seen some others I'm glad she is at least smiling in mine! Guests leaving early. Again I know Showmasters have no control over this but I missed out on a few autographs that I had planned on getting at the end of the day but unfortunately the guests had already left. This was just after 5:30 on Sunday. I did manage to get Jeremy Renner and Michael Emersons autograph after 5pm which was great but had planned on getting one or two more but I noticed there weren't many guests still there. That being said it was a great day and Showmasters and the crew should be very proud of themselves. Looking forward to another great event next year.
  9. Who WOWed You At LFCC?

    All the guests I met were really nice, however the following four really "wowed" me Jeremy Renner - Was so great in the photoshoot, gave me a big hug and called me sweetie! I was so chuffed, couldn't be happier with the photo it was worth every penny! He was really nice in the autograph session too, I met him near the end of the day on Sunday and he asked how I was and I told him I was a big fan and it was really great to meet him. He said it was great to meet me too and thanked me, he's such a lovely man and very down to earth considering he's such a big star! Elden Henson - He was really chatty when I got his autograph and he remembered me from the photoshoot earlier which was nice. I spoke to him about Idle Hands and he spoke to me at some length about it and said Seth Green is a great guy. Also spoke to him about Daredevil and The Defenders. Of all the guests I met I spoke to him the most, I'm really glad I met him, he was an amazing guest. Harold Perrineau - He seemed really happy to be there, I spoke to him about Lost and we had a laugh about his character always screaming "WAAALLLTTT!" He said he didn't realise how often he did it until so many people online were talking about it! He was also happy to pose for a photo with me at the autograph desk. Michael Emerson - Another really nice man. I got a photoshoot and autograph from him. Spoke to him at the autograph desk and he told me it was his first event and it was a little daunting but he had a good time and said he met some lovely people. A big thank you to Showmasters for bringing some fantastic guests and making this years event so brilliant!
  10. This concerns me as well now as Jamie Kennedy's shoot on Sunday has been changed to 9:30 and I can't get to the venue until just before 9. Depending on how big the entry queue is I might not be able to make it inside the building in time. I thought it was usually the guests with two shoots that were scheduled first thing.
  11. Earl's Court Vs. Olympia

    I think Earls Court was fine years ago for LFCC when there were far less attendees but it was grown so much since the first one I attended back in 2006 that even if it could've been used this year I'm glad it wasn't. This was the first time I'd been to Olympia and it was so much better than Earls Court for several reasons. Including, a much bigger variety of places to eat and drink and many more facilities too. Anyone remember the huge queues for the toilets at Earls Court last year? This year I only queued for them once on the ground floor and that was only for a few minutes! On the other levels I didn't queue at all! The Olympia staff were far more knowledgeable about the event and did a great job at managing the queues outside, This was almost non-existent last year. There was so much more space and next year we will get even more! Here's hoping that photo-shoot areas are closer together next year as many others have suggested this will make the day go much smoother for many attendees.
  12. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Showmasters and the crew for a great event. As I have mentioned before in one of the many feedback threads on here I feel that many improvements have been made since last year which made LFCC this year a much more enjoyable experience than 2014! With a few tweaks here and there that I am sure will be made next year I think it will be even better especially as all the halls in Olympia will be used. As many others have said it would be great if the photo areas could be closer together as it will make it much easier for people with multiple shoots and I love the idea of a rest area where we can take a seat if we have any down time rather than sitting on the floor.
  13. My surreal moment was when I realised Christopher Lloyd was walking towards me on Saturday afternoon. I presume he was on his way to a photo-shoot at the time. I really wanted to say hello to him but I thought better of it as I thought it best not to attract attention to him.
  14. We have an amazing EXCLUSIVE for LFCC!

    I didn't buy the BTTF figures but the mini Walt and Jessie from Breaking Bad ones were so cute I had to buy them!
  15. Quotes with Autographs

    I was pretty chuffed that I managed to get quotes with all of my autographs without even asking for them. Neve Campbell - Not in my movie!!! James Remar - Follow the code Michael Traynor - I got your back Naomi Grossman - Play with me They also all wrote the names of their characters and personalised, Couldn't ask for more than that!