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  1. MORTAL KOMBAT (2021) 2.5 (Mild spoiler) I was looking forward to this and was quite pleased to see that the fans had generally been positive about it despite many critics hadn't. But then I realized that fans of videogames are generally fans of that medium first and cinema second. In other words, take a film fan's word for it when they say the movie sucks, not a gamer's. The film's opening 10 mins are great but the rest just doesn't live up to the start so it's quite obviously a horribly unbalanced film. The plot is boring; there's all this talk of tournaments and a rivalry betwee
  2. PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN (2020) 4/5 (No spoilers) Carey Mulligan is 'Cassie', a troubled lonely woman haunted by the rape of her best friend years before. What follows is a sociopathic feminist revenge-thriller loaded with creepy-manipulative schemes - think GONE GIRL (2014), FATAL ATTRACTION (1987) and a bit of FALLING DOWN (1993). But unlike those films, I found it hard in this movie to root for our misandristic/'jaded' heroine. The first 20 minutes presents Cassie as a crusader looking for trouble and baiting men; she feigns drunkeness in bars just to teach men a lesson about taki
  3. SOUND OF METAL (2019) 3/5 (No spoilers) Describing a film about a heavy metal drummer going deaf as "quiet" is an ironic criticism. But that's the whole point of this Oscar-heavy film as director, Darious Marder, tries hard to make the audience see and hear the story from Ruben's (Riz Ahmed) point of view by using its sound design and (non-use) of subtitles to tell the story.The plot is straight-forward but as often with films with such simple premises, I found myself thinking, "OK so he goes deaf, now what?" I felt similarly about THE FAREWELL (2019) in which a dying grandma's family t
  4. GODZILLA VS. KONG (2021) 3.5/5 (No spoilers) I didn't care much for the Monsterverse apart from KONG: SKULL ISLAND (2017) so was happy to see King Kong back again compared to Godzilla who I always felt lacked characterization. But despite Zilla's short-comings, GODZILLA VS KONG didn't disappoint although it did feel like chunks were missing and Big G was quite side-lined. I quite liked the plot - everything felt justified but it was obvious we were skipping-over what Kong had been doing since his last film set 50 years prior. Similarly, there's a backstory involving Alexander
  5. MONSTER HUNTER (2020) 2.5/5 (Mild spoiler) The holy trinity of Paul W.S. Anderson, Milla Jovovich and Capcom returns once more for yet another videogame adaptation. And this one was surprisingly fun...at least for the first hour as we're presented with a cross between STARGATE (1994) and HELL IN THE PACIFIC (1968) but after that things take a drastic dip and the film never recovers making this an uneven mess. The film introduces a bunch of soldiers complete with typically cheesey macho banter but like a lot of Anderson's films the side characters are basically doomed random mons
  6. RIP. Met him at LFCC 2004 when he appeared with Veronica Cartwright and they did a talk together. Apparently he was one of the actors in the running for Picard before Patrick Stewart got it? Live & Let Die Alien Midnight Run The Running Man Movies of his in my DVD collection.
  7. COMING 2 AMERICA (2021) 2.5/5 (No spoilers) The 1988 original is a classic so this new sequel was always gonna be a tough act follow and even more so without John Landis directing. But what was missed even more was the adult tone and F-bombs which made up most of the jokes previously.COMING 2 AMERICA is ultimately an unashamed retread and one big homage to the previous film with not-so-subtle winks at every turn. PREDATORS (2010) was like that too but C2A takes it much further. If C2A spent more time trying to be its own film and less effort constantly reminding us there was another
  8. WRONG TURN (2021) 4/5 (No spoilers) Following 5 schlocky straight-to-DVD sequels I was expecting this reboot to be s*** but was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I don't remember much about the original 2003 film except it was only OK but this entry was a vast improvement and tried new things. There's a shift in tone as the reboot seems to take itself more seriously and is less slick but it also seems to borrow quite heavily from films like HOSTEL (2006) and GET OUT (2017). And although it's an engaging film there are quite a few plot-points that seem either wasted or d
  9. ARCHIVE (2020) 3/5 (No spoilers) This could have been a great cyber-punk thriller if it wasn't for the poor and often confusing editing. ARCHIVE tells the story of an isolated widower (Theo James) secretly working on resurrecting his dead wife's conscience (Stacy Martin) in an android-body. Basically its BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) fused with a whole bunch of other A.I. thrillers. DON'T go into this film knowing nothing, watch the trailer first, because the set-up is not clear; you need to understand the wife IS dead from the start. But the biggest hurdle I had in this film
  10. All the films I watched that were released in 2020: 1) BAD BOYS FOR LIFE - Seen it twice, still a solid action film. 2) #ALIVE - Outstanding original Korean zombie film focusing on isolation. 3) THE INVISIBLE MAN - Amazing the first time and full of suspense but admittedly slow the 2nd time once you know everything. 4) EXTRACTION - Solid action piece but spoiled by weak characterization. Still no idea why/how 14 yr olds go to niteclubs though. 5) TRAIN TO BUSAN: PENINSULA - Not as bad as they say despite the hokey climax. Unfairly compared to the first film. 6) DA 5 BLOODS - En
  11. KINGDOM (season 1&2) This Korean historical period horror series is one of the best things to ever happen to the zombie genre. The King has secretly turned into a zombie...but The Queen and royal officials declare he is merely sick and keep him hidden and locked away from everyone. Suspecting he's being lied to, the king's illegitimate son; The Crown Prince, defies The Queen and commits treason by leaving the palace against her will in search of the truth and in doing so uncovers a plot to rule the kingdom and the beginnings of a terrible plague. KINGDOM is a clever blend o
  12. WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2020) 2.5 (No spoilers) WW84 was 2020's last hope for a big Hollywood hit but being the only big 'summer' event movie we'd get Warner Bros basically kicked us in the balls and told us to suck it up . It's a joke of film with a shoddy, dumb, goofy script that takes it audience for IDIOTS! Firstly, it's too damn long. Why does it take 2.5 hrs to tell such a simple story? Even the first two AVENGERS films were shorter. The pacing here is really off with some unnecessarily-long sequences and redundant scenes including the pointless prologue followed by an action
  13. #ALIVE (2020) 4/5 (No spoilers) Now showing on Netflix is this Korean zombie-thriller which can only be described as 'CASTAWAY (2000) with zombies'. It tells the story of Oh-Joon (Yoo Ah-In), a young man trapped alone at home while hordes of undead surround his apartment complex. With telephone lines down and no internet, isolation starts to kick in along with lonliness and hunger making this film especially relevant in Covid times. With its intelligent themes this is not your basic zombie action movie like TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016). Although there IS a lot of action in #ALIVE its
  14. Cobra Kai: season 3 was alright. Not as good as the first two seasons IMO but I may be in the minority.
  15. DANCES WITH WOLVES (1990) 4/5 (No spoilers) Saw this at the cinema back in the day and it bored the s*** out of me. Caught it again on TV recently and thought it was really good. I watched the 4hr special edition version this time and although the film isn't as boring as I remember I can certainly see there was plenty of stuff to cut out. It's quite a poetic film with its sweeping landscapes, joining of two cultures and the story of a man "finding himself" so its easy to see why it won Best Picture. At the time Costner was mocked for having made a vanity project but it all worked wel
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