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  1. I love Platoon and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Apparently he was cast in Platoon after his brother Emilio Estevez turned it down thinking he was too old to play Chris. And he stayed up all night to get the drugged-up look in Ferris Bueller. And two of his most least favourite films he ever made were The Wraith and The Rookie...he said in interview (early 90s) basically any film he did starting with "The" was dogs***. I always loved the scene in Hot Shots Part Deux where he and his dad pass each other on the boat doing their voice-overs from Platoon/Apocalypse Now and then referencing Wall Street
  2. Met him, I think that was his first here. Great guest and happy to be there.
  3. nicky

    Films watched in 2019

    Haha, funnily enough Robert Downey Jr. in Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang (2005) says near the end of the film in his narration, "Don't worry, I saw LOTR. I'm not gonna end the movie 20 times."
  4. nicky

    Films watched in 2019

    AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019) *NO SPOILERS* 4/5 There's a lot of hype surrounding this film but I thought it was well-deserved. The filmmakers really had a lot of pressure on them to make this "final" Avengers film in the "Thanos saga" great and I was really impressed with how everything was done. One of the greatest things about ENDGAME though is that it brings back certain previous films in the MCU making this installment feel so much more than just a cash-in sequel; it makes all the films before it relevant. Now I went in not knowing anything about the plot at all and it was a complete surprise to me (and quite a treat) with what the writers did to bring things back. Its a very crowded film too with many characters but it didn't feel crammed at all, all the appearances were deserved and didn't feel forced. The film is 3hrs long but I was kept entertained throughout and was never bored. I will say however that the build-up to the 2nd act, where the main plot kicks-off, does take its time though but in a nice way; its a film that isn't afraid to take it time and its obvious that the writers were confident they wouldn't lose their audience. This is probably my favourite MCU film so far; its just so intricate and intelligent with great characters and pay-offs from the previous films. Its almost like RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983) in a way; everything is so neatly tied-up at the end and you can tell cos the ending is pretty long in the style of LOTR: THE RETURN OF THE KING (2003). It really does feel like the end of an era though so it will be interesting to see how the subsequent films particularly future AVENGERS films go forwards. Its the best film of the year so far for me.
  5. nicky

    Films watched in 2019

    SHAZAM! (2019) 2/5* I knew nothing of the Shazam source material but I really liked the trailer so I was quite excited to see this film based on that alone; it looked fresh, funny and fun and it didn't seem to be ashamed of its campy roots. However, it only took me about 20 minutes before I decided that I was not enjoying what I was seeing. From the start one of the things that fails is the editing and chronological order of the scenes; is it really a good idea to start off the film with the villain's back-story instead of the hero's? The start is also quite muddled as we're not given any explanation to the 'how' or 'why' this is happening (or what that 8 ball thing was about). The messiness continues with the hero's eventual introduction but its another flashback. This then leads into a scene in the present day where the hero is trying to find his birth-mother; a sub-plot which basically has nothing at all to do with the rest of the entire plot and feels irrelevant and tacked-on. But the worst thing by far about SHAZAM! though is the God-awful awkward comedy. Yes, the trailer was funny (thanks to the quick cutting) but in the film each joke just falls flat and not one person in my theater laughed. And then there was the annoying kid sidekick; in his first few scenes he tries so hard to make one lame joke after the other and is so instantly unlikable. The Asian kid was annoying too and I just cringed at every stereotype and joke they threw in (video-game geek, internet nerd and nunchucks?! WTF?). And he looked like a younger version of Long Duk Dong in SIXTEEN CANDLES (1984). There are obvious similarities to BIG (1988), THE GOONIES (1985) and (mild spoiler:) * Power Rangers * and not in a good way. The film was also far too long and out-stayed its welcome. SHAZAM! was pretty SHE-YITE! and probably the worst film of 2019 so far for me.
  6. nicky

    Films watched in 2019

    US (2019) *No spoilers* I really enjoyed GET OUT (2017) so I really wanted to like this new Jordan Peele film. As far as writer-directors go, Peele seems to have risen through the ranks to become a brand name very quickly so I was eager to see if his second film measured up. US is a strange blend of horror and science-fiction in the style of THE TWILIGHT ZONE (which Peele has helped revive in a new series). US has a lot going for it with its pacing, tension, characters, humour and story but what it really lacks is logic and explanation; the film asks the viewer to disregard certain plot logistics way too much for my liking and it annoyingly interrupted my enjoyment of what otherwise might have been a very taught and engaging horror-thriller. Like I said, I *really* wanted to like this film. As an aspiring screenwriter myself, I always make sure to provide explanation and plausibility to EVERY plot detail where necessary (in order to NOT lose my audience) so its annoying to see professionals take such lazy short-cuts in screen-writing in hope that their audience "just goes with it". Peele is an Oscar winning screen-writer too, c'mon. I left the cinema feeling a bit underwhelmed and a strong sense of, "I don't get it". When I got home, I did my research on the plot and watched spoiler explanation videos on YouTube and went over the plot synopsis on Wikipedia. Some of the plot now made sense but there was still a few large gaping holes that I just couldn't get my head around and I refused to just simply suspend my disbelief. There's just too many 'how' and 'why' questions about the logistics surrounding the story and it just spoils everything. It would be interesting to see the film again actually though because there are a lot of easter eggs that subtly foreshadow future events in the film. On a technical level though the film looks and sounds great, from the tension, score, pacing and Kubrickian-style cinematography (slow dollies) and it was fun to watch with a packed audience. Jordan Peele is the new horror-guy in Hollywood but it will be interesting to see how long he lasts; will he have a long successful career in the genre or will he burn-out quickly like Eli Roth, M. Night Shyamalan and Rob Zombie etc did? 3.5/5
  7. nicky

    Films watched in 2019

    Loving the cynicism in all your reviews.
  8. nicky

    Films watched in 2019

    HOLMES & WATSON (2018) The crappest film of last year. Absolute pants and not funny at all. Can't see how the makers thought they even had anything good during production. Dont they know their jokes are lame at the time?
  9. nicky

    Films watched in 2019

    BUMBLEBEE (2018) 3/5* Did the TRANSFORMERS franchise really need a spin-off? I know these films have consistently made a ton of money but a lone Bumblebee movie and/or a TRANSFORMERS prequel was never something movie-goers were crying out for...but then that never stopped Hollywood did it? I kept hearing BUMBLEBEE was better than the previous franchise instalments and was also touted as 'what the first film should have been' so I expected to be wowed. Actually, I *really* loved the opening of the film on Cybertron - it was a great nostalgic service to fans of the "Gen 1" cartoons of the 80s. In a way it also reminded me of THE TERMINATOR (1984) where a lone warrior is sent away on a mission leaving the machine-fuelled war behind him. But that's all we see of this war so I was disappointed we didn't see more of it dispersed later in the film like in THE TERMINATOR. The pacing of the film is quite off. On one hand you have a emotional heart-felt story trying to focus on the relationship between the teenager and the robot while on the other hand you have an action story about the two evil robots trying to find Bumblebee - they're perfectly good threads but how they are woven together is quite rough and they somehow don't feel connected or like they're part of the same film. I found myself not caring much for the emotional arc of the plot; the teenager-alien/robot relationship was very weak and not a patch on E.T. (1982) or TERMINATOR 2 (1991). The script tries quite hard to tug at the heart-strings but it fails due to bad pacing and under-developed plot-lines; I'm not sure why there had to be a goofy random love-interest subplot or the need for the tiresome mean girls cliche other than to be more like a teen movie. Even the deceased dad thing was unnecessary and felt pointless and I wasn't clear what John Cena had against Bumblebee other than being an alien. Thankfully the film wasn't overloaded with 80s pop culture references, the soundtrack and movie posters was enough but maybe a bit too much leaned towards The Smiths (despite being a fan). BUMBLEBEE wasn't that bad but I was hoping for better. It was however a lot more tolerable than Micheal Bay's TRANSFORMERS films (apart from his first one which I still think is the only good one) and the action sequences especially looked a lot easier on the eye. BUMBLEBEE tries to be different from the rest of the TRANSFORMERS franchise by tapping into 80s nostalgia and fusing the action with a heart-felt story and teen angst but is nothing more than adequate.
  10. Yes, and Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) I wonder when Kobra Kai season 2 starts? Must say its by far the best long-gestating sequel/continuation to a fan-favorite franchise ever. A perfect infusion of old characters and new while injecting brand new themes and nods to the originals. I wish the new Star Wars etc could have been more like it.
  11. nicky

    Random things you remember from school

    I seem to only remember the bad things like other pupils being jygygyu to me. There was a naughty word there that I'm suprised wasn't picked up by the auto sensor!
  12. nicky

    Films watched in 2018

    A SIMPLE FAVOR (2018) 2.5/5 I always approach Paul Feig's films with caution, he directs such a peculiar brand of comedy which is generally pretty unfunny - case in point; BRIDESMAIDS (2011), SPY (2015) and GHOSTBUSTERS (2016) all of which I thought were a bit meh. A SIMPLE FAVOR to me is just as forgettable. In a similar plot to GONE GIRL (2014) a woman goes missing and it's not clear if she's dead or not while her husband tries to cope with the aftermath. The plot also draws parallels to SINGLE WHITE FEMALE (1992) where you have these two best friends confiding in each other only for one of them to have a secret past and isn't quite what she seems. I can't quite place it but I didn't really like any of the three main characters, I just found it very difficult to root for them as they were just so unlikable. Blake Lively especially just came across as a bit try-hard and OTT but I think the reason for that wasn't her acting but rather her role as an unrealistically super- dominant woman who even her boss takes abuse from - she was a bit of an spam. Anna Kendrick came as quite annoying too but obviously as a mirror opposite of Lively's character, almost Stepford Wives-ish, and Henry Golding was just miscast (he calls his son, 'Baby'). This film is a departure from Feig's usual comedy flair and focuses more on being a mystery-thriller but there are sprinkles of his style of comedy throughout which left me confused as to what genre the film was trying to be. The film will have been better served by a director who is more experienced in mystery-thrillers and able to resist the temptation of trying to be humorous. There's more than enough twists and turns in the film and they all seem to come up in the climax one after the other as the characters all try to out-do each other with one counter-contingency plan after the other. By this point I gave up on the film as it was just too much of a mess to keep up with. Its the pacing of the film that spoils it; plot-points should be spaced-out a bit more to give time for the audience to digest them and not just crammed all at once into the final parts of the 3rd act. Paul Feig should stick to his Kristina Wiig/Melissa McCarthy comedies. The title is rather irrelevant too; the favor in the film is only a small part of the plot but I guess "A SIMPLE PLAN" was already taken. The French pop soundtrack was also a strange, irrelevant and questionable choice.
  13. nicky

    Films watched in 2018

    A QUIET PLACE (2018) 3/5 I hadn't heard much about this film but decided to check it out at the recommendation of Mark Kermode and other critics (including Stephen King) hailing it as probably the best horror film this year. Naturally I had high hopes and the opening few minutes really grabbed my attention but I'm sorry to say that affect on me was rather short-lived. After a great opening the film seemed to be padded-out with too many redundant scenes. And then it dawned on me; the reason for this was because the film was only 90 mins and the plot was VERY thin. The stand-out thing about the film of course is it's effective use of silence throughout in order to crank-up the nail-biting tension and it does this exceptionally well. But the main problem I had with the script was that the great tension throughout the film is maxed-out out so much that it sacrifices story and plot in favour of suspense - to me it just felt the plot was neglected. We know the characters are a family trying to survive and avoid blind creatures that hunt by sound but other than that the story is incredibly shallow and not even the conflict between the father and daughter is enough to compensate that. The whole silence thing felt like a gimmick to try and make the film original and interesting. In a way the film kind of reminded me of Pitch Black (2000) and Don't Breathe (2016). I do like the creatures though and their design - its evident the director did his homework from other great monster movies and didn't give in to the temptation to show the creatures too much until nearer the climax. It was alright but I expected more.
  14. nicky

    Films watched in 2018

    AQUAMAN (2018) 2/5* I'm really surprised at the praise this film has got from some people. To put it into context, I agreed with Mark Kermode's and Empire's 3 star review. It was boring, too long, convoluted and was just plain horrible when it tried to be charming. The film actually started off good but went quickly downhill once the bad guys tried to explain their motives. By the time the 2nd act comes with Aquaman (Jason Momoa) bringing Mera (Amber Heard) to land, the film seems to try to suddenly change into this weird and forced romantic comedy that just sucked me straight out of the film. A lot of the film is set underwater and these were the parts that annoyed me the most; talking underwater? C'mon, man! The water pressure isn't even affecting the movement of their skin! And the crappy CGI creatures that the Atlanteans ride on and the fake green-screen sets (not just in Atlantis!) just looked so cartooney. And speaking of sets where was the sunlight coming from when they were in the secret UNDERGROUND caves in the Sahara Desert???!!! Black Manta would have made a more interesting main villain and his story would have been a much more engaging film but after an impressive introduction and initial encounter with Aquaman, he is reduced to nothing more than a distracting subplot and seed for a sequel. Also Black Manta's helmet design was just so big and ludicrous that it looked like it was the love-child of Dark Helmet from Spaceballs (1986) and The Fly which only added to the campiness of the film. I can't imagine what Nicole Kidman was thinking signing-on to this film other than the fact she wanted to work with fellow Aussie, director James Wan, who does a great job of shooting the cool fight sequences but relies too often on sudden explosions to interrupt a scene. For me this is probably the worst film in the DCU along with Suicide Squad (2016). I left the cinema asking myself why don't Warner Bros just give up? Biggest WTF moment: Girl randomly gives Pinocchio picture-book to Mera and eating the flower.