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  1. Erin Karpluk An amazing and underrated Canadian Actress
  2. James Marsters. I planned for my friend to meet him at another event years ago for her birthday but due to what happened in 2020, it didn’t happen. it would make her year if you could get him!
  3. My first Shawshank Redemption guest! This means a lot to me as Shawshank is not only my favourite movie, but the last movie I watched with my dad before he passed
  4. Gwendolyn Yeo I’ve been talking to her frequently online and she has expressed some great interest in coming to the UK for a Comic Con. A perfect opportunity if you ask me.
  5. Thomas Ian Griffith - Terry Silver (The Karate Kid, Cobra Kai: Season 4)
  6. Aaron Paul Clark Gregg Ming-Na Wen Barry Bostwick Rose Reynolds Maybe more down the line...
  7. Tim Curry would be amazing. But that would have to depend on his health.
  8. I'm sure this question has been asked before but will tickets that were purchased for the events previously planned in 2020 (entry, diamond passes, autographs, photos etc) still be valid for the 2021 event if it does indeed go ahead?
  9. James Marsters This would mean the world to my friend. Just to see her face light up and make a dream of hers come true.
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