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Latest Guest - MADS MIKKELSEN - Star Wars Rogue One Update

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Latest Guest Announcement - Mads Mikkelsen


Appearing: Fri, Sat and Sun


Autograph: £40


Photo Shoot: £40



Just a heads up Mads will be Signing Rogue One Star Wars poster and products if fans want to bring them to the event :-)


Tristan - King Arthur

Le Chiffre - Casino Royale

Draco - Clash of the Titans

Rochefort - The Three Musketeers

Dr Hannibal Lecter - Hannibal

Doctor Strange

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story










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Will he be doing a talk? If so, I'd like to know so I can come on that day...


Nobody can answer that before a talk announcement is made and if it's made we will know there will be a talk and when it is. Basically you have to wait and see.

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