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  1. Adam Eleven Stranger Things (quite hard to pick one from so many :-D) Bournemouth Film & Comic Con please :-)
  2. A very sad loss indeed such a wonderful and unique person Rip Kenny may the force be with you sir
  3. Im trying to find the stall that was selling the denim ones
  4. I think it's a great idea so have I got this right I just turn up to the talk I would like to attend and just hand the voucher over and I'm good to go
  5. Same for me too my first diamond pass i agree hope they can get in future :-)
  6. It is sad news and my first diamond pass too but i guess its the nature of this business hope Sm can get him again sometime in the future :-)
  7. i totally agree with you dont see the sense in being rude about it i think Showmaster do a cracking job trying to please everyone i know im new to this and only started going to events my first one was lfcc last year but because Showmaster put on a good show im hooked :-)
  8. would be nice to be William H Macy but i have a feeling its either someone from Scooby Doo or the X files :-D
  9. You can't miss it, when you come out of the station it's just over the road. Im taking it is the olympia grand entrance :-)
  10. Sorry to be a pain but what is the entrance called for gold passes please
  11. Very nice guest looks like another great event thank you Sm :-)
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