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  1. I had a fantastic time but for me it's all about Jon Heder. Had a lovely chat with him and he was putting on Napoleon Dynamite voice and doing some of the movie quotes. Had a real laugh with him, very personal and memorable. Such a great guy. Also repeating what everyone else is saying about Jeremy, such a down to earth gentleman.
  2. The sweet irony of this topic/post is that your moaning about people moaning. I think the line up this year is fantastic. I think it's a big well done to all the boys and girls at showmasters. Roll on July.
  3. What an announcement guys. Loved him in "the hunt". I'm going to give him the biggest hug.
  4. BRUCE CAMPBELL GROOVEY, THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK, SHOP SMART SHOP S MART. Lets make this happen showmasters, make my wildest dreams come true.
  5. And when I saw your post and I was like "that is so boring". Then you said "come on buddy that is top class banter". I DONT RECOGNISE YOUR BANTS
  6. Im gutted, im upset, im angry but this isnt Sam Neils fault or showmasters just my ex wifes.
  7. Green screen booked. I'm seriously considering making a dinosaur outfit so I can scare him.
  8. Cheers for answering my question Raylenth. Regarding my miss quoting I don't see it as a problem but I'll keep it in mind in future.
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