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  1. Adam Eleven Stranger Things (quite hard to pick one from so many :-D) Bournemouth Film & Comic Con please :-)
  2. A very sad loss indeed such a wonderful and unique person Rip Kenny may the force be with you sir
  3. Im trying to find the stall that was selling the denim ones
  4. Evil Potato the army of potatoes
  5. I think it's a great idea so have I got this right I just turn up to the talk I would like to attend and just hand the voucher over and I'm good to go
  6. Same for me too my first diamond pass i agree hope they can get in future :-)
  7. It is sad news and my first diamond pass too but i guess its the nature of this business hope Sm can get him again sometime in the future :-)
  8. i totally agree with you dont see the sense in being rude about it i think Showmaster do a cracking job trying to please everyone i know im new to this and only started going to events my first one was lfcc last year but because Showmaster put on a good show im hooked :-)
  9. would be nice to be William H Macy but i have a feeling its either someone from Scooby Doo or the X files :-D
  10. You can't miss it, when you come out of the station it's just over the road. Im taking it is the olympia grand entrance :-)
  11. Sorry to be a pain but what is the entrance called for gold passes please
  12. Very nice guest looks like another great event thank you Sm :-)
  13. Thank you qs and sm and any mods for should be straight forward to collect diamond pass normally im the anxious one about this sort thing as its my first diamond pass but thanks to qs im quite calm and really looking forward to this year just wishing it was sooner rather than later
  14. Im hoping for a someone connected to Ron Perlman has Wesley Snipes done a uk con heres hoping not
  15. I'm thinking its someone from Alice through the looking glass so I'm gonna guess either Anne Hathaway or Rhys Ifans
  16. George Clooney Anthony Edwards Julianna Marguiles Simon pegg Johnny Depp Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd
  17. Don't know why but I'm starting to think John Barrowman but I don't think it's right tho
  18. I do like a good build up I'm going to have a complete stab in the dark and guess George Clooney would be dream come true for me, but I know it's a really wild guess :-D
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