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  1. Met him in MK a few years back, really great guy. However my Metal Gear Solid 4 cover needs more signatures so fingers crossed for more voice actors.
  2. In short, nope. Didn't even notice them to be honest.
  3. There were so many great costumes on display, it really impresses me how much time and effort people put into them. One that particularity stood out was a lady dressed as Aerial from The Little Mermaid, her costume was great. I think it was Sunday I saw her, if anyone knows her please pass on my compliments.
  4. She looked straight at me and said hi at the table and the photo shoot so I was happy with that. I'm happy to have met her and hope she enjoyed her weekend.
  5. I'd like to give a special mention to Catherine Sutherland. Incredibly polite and charming, a real pleasure to meet.
  6. Shoots at area A and B were very smooth for the 'bigger' guests that I met. Huge credit to the big chap at A (whose name I will learn one day) for his usual superb work. Only minor problem was area D on Saturday. I was there for 3 x Power Ranger shoots and the crew didn't know the guests names or what time they were starting their shoots. Despite there being a poster on the wall telling them when this would be. I did feel a bit sorry for them as one looked like he was going to have a breakdown! Some training for them please.
  7. To put it simply, the most enjoyable LFCC for the last few years in my opinion. The layout was superb, it was so much cooler this year. The queuing in the hall in the mornings was a relief after years of snaking lines round venues. Saturday things got a bit crowded with all the Game of Thrones guests being in a row but this was obviously picked up on as they had been separated on Sunday making that area a lot clearer. Plenty of spaces to just sit down and chill out. Photo area A being run by the tall chap who always runs that area was marvelously efficient. He really is a cr
  8. I met her today (Sunday) she smiled and said hi while signing and also did so at the photo session too. That's more than good enough for me so I'm happy with how it went. I'm happy to respect people's personal space and any conditions that come with that. Also huge respect to the chap running photo area A (I'll learn his name one day) for making sure all went smoothly. Clear instructions and seemingly eternal patience. A real credit to Showmasters.
  9. Doesn't clash with any of my photo shoots so will definitely check this out
  10. I've done a few poses before without holding up the queue. Just be ready with what you want to do and ask and you should be fine. Update to my earlier post, the prop I wanted to bring got an 'awesome' comment from the guest on their facebook fan page so it's definitely a go!
  11. I have something funny to take along so am also hoping it goes down well
  12. Don't talk badly about yourself, you're awesome!
  13. A pose or a prop is always a good bet. When I met Nick Frost I suggested the Winchester pose from Shaun of the Dead. He said it was a great idea and I wad the first person to ask him. I'm a Power Rangers fan so when meeting them I try to have a toy of their particular morpher to hold. Last year when meeting Cameron Jebo I had the replica of his characters morpher and another one for me to hold. This year I plan to ask Dolph Lundgren to square up to me as if about to start boxing. A back to back staring down at the camera is always a cool pose. I always get my haircut just before a
  14. Met Peter in Milton Keynes a few years back, an absolute gentleman.
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