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    Manu bennett

    Yeah he got there about 5ish and did his talk, some signing and his shoot. Absolutely wonderful as usual. Lovely guy ☺️
  2. One of my fav guests I’ve ever met! Incredible man. Thank you!!!
  3. Jemzamia

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM ELLIS

    I hope we get clarification on talks soon. I need to know if i need to just buy a talk ticket or upgrade my Sat shoot to a diamond pass. Only reason I didn't buy one was because Sat did not include talk. My Sunday is my cosplay day for Brendan Fraser's shoot so I didn't want a Sun shoot/pass for Tom.
  4. Yessssss! She was absolutely delightful at CM Brum last year!
  5. Jemzamia


    Fabulous! Definitely getting a photo!
  6. Jemzamia

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM ELLIS

    Please let us know when talk tickets are up :)
  7. Fantastic! Loved him on TWD and FTWD
  8. Jemzamia

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM ELLIS

    YESSSSSSSS! One very happy Lucifer fan here!
  9. Jemzamia

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    Matt Bomer please! More Doom Patrol!
  10. So happy right now! Will be getting a diamond pass. More Doom Patrol guests please! Joivan Wade (Cyborg) came back to London as soon as filming finished so he may be easy to get?
  11. YESSSSS! Loving the Legends guests you're getting lately!
  12. Hi, I've just gone on the store to buy my Jes shoot along with a Tala Ashe one and Jes' are sold out on the Sat. Just wondering if there was any likelihood of any more being added? I'm only there Sat and Legends are the main reason I'm coming Thanks :)
  13. Jemzamia

    Jes Macallhan Sat shoots

    Update: got one! Thanks again x
  14. Jemzamia

    Jes Macallhan Sat shoots

    Thank you :)
  15. Jemzamia

    Guest Suggestions

    Please get Genevieve O'Reilly! Will please both Star Wars and Overwatch fans! I don't think she's done a con since she became Moira in Overwatch so a lot of people need her for their collections!
  16. As someone who picked up their 3 day wristband on Thursday. I was a bit annoyed about how the queue on Saturday was all ticket types bunged together. I could understand why this happened outside to keep the streets clear and make sure everyone went through security but really as soon as you go through bag check it should really separate into people who need their tickets scanning/pick up their wristbands and a ‘fast lane’ of those already with wristbands so they can get back in quick. I’ve been to other events who have a system like this and it works In previous years I’ve never had much trouble getting in on Saturday morning quickly but this year it took at least 45 minutes and resulted in missing a shoot and then having to deal with a clash that afternoon that I was trying to avoid. Boyfriend had to run to his Tony Robinson shoot and just made it. Just made the whole idea of picking up wristbands early a bit pointless Otherwise a good con once I got in :)
  17. Jemzamia

    LFCC 2019

    Just to clarify for people without photobooks the LFCC 2019 dates on there are 26-28th July :)
  18. Jemzamia

    Saturday queue feedback

    I really do not appreciate that this post has been hijacked by people whining about the disabled queue/patrons being let in a smidge early. This is not an issue. They need that access. Not all disabilities are visible and some people’s attitudes here are really ableist. I also have friends who used SM access this weekend and they still found it lacking in many ways (and they have passed on this feedback themselves) so it is by no means a magical, beat the queue system some people are making it out to be.
  19. Jemzamia

    Saturday queue feedback

    Took forever to get into the hall and even then going through the bit where you showed your wristband it all joined the same queue anyway so took even more time. Yeah I arrived at 10amish not bang on opening. Sounds like that went a bit quicker for people