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  1. Thanks for the update. Was to be expected unfortunately due to everything. Looking forward to returning to events when it is safe to do so as I miss the fun!
  2. Ooh yay! Missed out on him at another con so I'm happy!
  3. Hope you can get her for LFCC too as I’m making a Tissaia cosplay but there’s no way it’ll be ready for Spring
  4. Yeah he got there about 5ish and did his talk, some signing and his shoot. Absolutely wonderful as usual. Lovely guy ☺️
  5. One of my fav guests I’ve ever met! Incredible man. Thank you!!!
  6. I hope we get clarification on talks soon. I need to know if i need to just buy a talk ticket or upgrade my Sat shoot to a diamond pass. Only reason I didn't buy one was because Sat did not include talk. My Sunday is my cosplay day for Brendan Fraser's shoot so I didn't want a Sun shoot/pass for Tom.
  7. Yessssss! She was absolutely delightful at CM Brum last year!
  8. Please let us know when talk tickets are up :)
  9. So happy right now! Will be getting a diamond pass. More Doom Patrol guests please! Joivan Wade (Cyborg) came back to London as soon as filming finished so he may be easy to get?
  10. Hi, I've just gone on the store to buy my Jes shoot along with a Tala Ashe one and Jes' are sold out on the Sat. Just wondering if there was any likelihood of any more being added? I'm only there Sat and Legends are the main reason I'm coming Thanks :)
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