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Who are you meeting!?


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  • 4 weeks later...

Now that I'm definitely going (and lucky enough to live close to London so cheap transport costs and no accommodation to pay for so I can max out on guests). :YAHOO:

So far:

John Barrowman (DP)

William Shatner (DP)

Robert Carlyle - photo

Jenna Coleman - photo

Peter Purves - photo and auto

Sophie Aldred and Sylvester McCoy - joint photo

Colin Baker - auto.

This will undoubtedly grow. :D

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this is who i'm currently planning on meeting. does anyone think this is a short list? more to b added over the coming months:



Sylvester McCoy-1 Auto-

John Leeson-1 Auto-

John Levene-1 Auto-

Rusty Goffe-1 Auto-

John Simpkin-1 Auto-

John Barrowman DIAMOND PASS 

Barbara Frankland-1 Auto-



Ian Somerhalder just P.S-

Colin Baker-1 Auto-

Ian Whyte-1 Auto-

Jenna Coleman-1 Auto-

Lana Parilla just P. S



William Shatner just P. S-

Robert Carlyle DIAMOND PASS 

Emilie de Ravin-1 Auto- + P. S 

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I have a list of maybes I still haven't decided if I am going this year, no one has really been announced  yet that makes me want to commit. 

Maybes are:

William Shatner, Walter Koenig, Christiana Ricci, Alfie Allen, Jenna Coleman, John Barrowman.



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