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  1. maxcat

    Another enjoyable Comic Con

    To those of u who had a gd time, I'm glad u did, I would have done this con if there were some really good guests ie those who i'd suggested (david hasselhoff or so on.) In the nicest way possible, could SM aim for a wider variety of guests including someone who's widely recognised please for the next show? I enjoyed the very 1st show and would like to come back. I hope everyone had a great time!
  2. maxcat

    Guest Suggestions

    peter breitmayer (fantastic beasts)
  3. maxcat


    hotel 65 at £153, thru the trivago site!! bargain!! and they r gd too!!
  4. maxcat

    Big Finish actors

    lisa, i actually saw was with david warner the other weekend at london. would b nice to c her as a guest for a future event
  5. maxcat

    Guest Suggestions

    whip hubley (top gun) french stewart (3rd rock from the sun, stargate) gordon tipple (the x files, dr who)
  6. maxcat

    Post ya Photos..

    thank u, it certainly was!!
  7. maxcat

    Post ya Photos..

    lucy davis christopher fairbank eddie marsan dermot crowley that's all my photoshoots, but i'm not putting on here the wide variety of photos taken on my camera
  8. maxcat

    Post ya Photos..

    John Simm Mr Lazenby!! iain Glen david anders
  9. maxcat

    Guest Suggestions

    second this!!
  10. No wayyy!! Cheeky SM!!
  11. Very lovely woman to meet, enjoyed meeting her
  12. maxcat


    Really lovely man, enjoyed meeting him
  13. maxcat

    London Spring - Talk & Photo Schedule

    I have been possibly been thinking getting my DP after getting my VQ's too!
  14. maxcat

    Guest Days & Prices - LCCS 2019

    just to point out the Price List above hasn't been updated as of recently so it could b an error