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  1. LFCC spring 2019

    nice to c lfcc spring is back on the radar!
  2. Pass Pickup Times

    I also have a 3-Day Weekend Ticket
  3. Pass Pickup Times

    this question may already been asked-but i'm unable to make the Thursday pickup, r we able to pick up Diamond Passes anytime we like during the show?? And from the Grand Hall entrance?
  4. Who are you meeting!?

    ladycrane, I'm sure u'll b fine!!
  5. Who are you meeting!?

    this is my final list (well hopefully my final!), I have had to cut out a few people due to other reasons should i say.... Friday: Daniel Naprous-1 Auto-GOT S3 (also got National Treasure 2 in case) Meat Loaf just P. S Dave Barclay-1 Auto- + P. S MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL Ray Park-1 Auto- + P. S STAR WARS EP 1 Andrew Cartmel-1 Auto DR WHO TIME AND THE RANI James Caan-1 Auto- + P. S SIMPSONS S16 Rose McIver-1 Auto- + P. S ONCE S3 Nick Castle-1 Auto- + P. S HOOK Simon Williamson-1 Auto-MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL Frank Henson-1 Auto-NATIONAL TREASURE 2 Val Kilmer just P.S Aly Michalka just P. S Natalie Emmanuel-1 Auto- + P. S GOT S3 Matthew Wood-1 Auto STAR WARS EP 1 265 total Saturday: Jason Momoa just P.S Rory McCann just P. S- Amber Rose Revah just P.S- Iwan Rheon just P. S- Lance Henriksen-1 Auto- + P. S ALIENS Isaac Hempstead-Wright-1 Auto- + P. S GOT S3 Katie Leung-1 Auto- HARRY POTTER 4 Megan Fox just P. S Tony Robinson-1 Auto- + P. S BLACKADDER Shauna Macdonald-1 Auto- AUTO BOOK Miranda Richardson DIAMOND PASS HARRY POTTER 4 Ellie Kendrick-1 Auto- GOT S3 David Duchovny DIAMOND PASS X FILES S1 VOL 1 Steven Seagal just P. S Ivana Milicevic-1 Aut0- + P. S JUST LIKE HEAVEN 160 total Sunday: Pearl Mackie DIAMOND PASS DR WHO SERIES 10 Lucy Davis-1 Auto- + P. S SHAUN OF THE DEAD Mary McDonnell-1 Auto- + P. S INDEPENDENCE DAY Peter Capaldi DIAMOND PASS DR WHO SERIES 10 Costas Mandylor-1 Auto- ONCE UPON A TIME S5 Barbara Coles-1 Auto- ALIENS Richard Glover-1 Auto- INTO THE WOODS Kevin Thompson-1 Auto- AUTO BOOK William Hope-1 Auto- + P. S ALIENS Daniel Gillies-1 Auto- + with Paul Wesley joint P. S VAMPS S4 Christopher Eccleston DIAMOND PASS DR WHO S1 VOL 3 John Alexander-1 Auto- + P. S ZATHURA Emily Carey-1 Auto- AUTO BOOK Harley Durst-1 Auto- + P. S X-MEN ORIGINS Ted Raimi-1 Auto-SPIDERMAN Richard Wilson-1 Auto- + P. S DR WHO S1 VOL 3 Arthur Darvill-1 Auto- + P. S DR WHO S5 VOL 3 Aidan Turner just P. S photoshoots in total: 9 on the friday, 12 both saturday and sunday
  6. Guests of all types of genres

    and cast of live-action disney beauty and the beast & cinderella
  7. Guest Suggestions

    sophie cook (chronicles of narnia, crossroads, worst witch) jonathan r scott (chronicles of narnia, poirot, the bill) sophie wilcox (chronicles of narnia) barbara kellerman (chronicles of narnia) lesley nicol (downton abbey, lion witch and wardrobe) ailsa berk (lion witch and wardrobe, star wars, greystoke, dr who) keith hodiak (full metal jacket, an american werewolf in london, pink panther, dr who) garfield brown (lion witch and wardrobe, the bill) claire bloom (clash of the titans, dr who) ursula andress (james bond) judi bowker (clash of the titans, count dracula) vida taylor (clash of the titans, space 1999) honor blackman (goldfinger, the avengers, bridget jones, jason and the argonauts) john cairney (cleopatra, jason and the argonauts) laura doddington (prime suspect, eastenders) ciara janson (hollyoaks) india fisher (dead ringers, masterchef) ian hallard (dr who, poirot) robert jezek (casino royale, genius) philip olivier (brookside, benidorm)
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Yorgo Voyagis (Zorba the Greek, Swept Away, Bourne Identity TV Series, The Odyssey) Michael Tezcan (The Odyssey, Emmerdale) Heathcote Williams (Basis instinct 2, Alice in Wonderland (1999)) Michael J Pollard (Bonnie & Clyde, Scrooged) Geraldine Chaplin (Chaplin, Doctor Zhivago, The Impossible) jeroen Krabbe (Living Daylights, The Fugitive, Immortal Beloved) Irene Papas (Zorba the Greek, Z) Greta Scacchi (The Odyssey, The Player) Miles Anderson (House of Cards, Ultimate Force) Vernon Dobtcheff (Indiana Jones, Spy who Loved me) Josh Maguire (Chaplin, Dr who: Thirty Years in the Tardis) robin parkinson (allo allo, button moon) arthur bostrom (allo allo) Gabe Cronnelly (Braveheart, Indiana Jones, The Fifth Element, World is Not Enough, Goldeneye, Dr Who Comic Relief 1999) B J Worth (Goldeneye, World is Not Enough, Licence to Kill) Maria Grazia Cucinotta (World is Not Enough) David Yip (indiana Jones, View to a Kill, Dr Who) art malik (living daylights, cold feet, jewel in the crown) maureen o'brien (dr who) waris hussein (dr who) sharon duce (vera, midsomer murders) barbara shelley (village of the damned, dracula) denis lill (batman, the royal, survivors, 24) liza goddard (midsomer murders, bergerac, dr who) martin clunes (doc martin, men behaving badly) gareth milne (skyfall, the bourne, red, dads army) janet ellis (hotel babylon, waking the dead, dr who) edward kelsey (danger mouse, wallace and gromit) rio fanning (the district nurse, father ted, peak practice) june brown (bean, minder, a christmas carol, eastenders) matthew corbett (dr who, sooty show) helen worth (dr who, coronation street)
  9. Guest Suggestions

    maureen o'brien (dr who) jackie lane (dr who)
  10. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    maurice roeves (judge dredd, new tricks, skins) roy holder (robin hood, law and order, waking the dead) martin cochrane (mission impossible, bergerac) edward highmore (heidi, the 10th kingdom) maurice o'connell (zorro, inspector morse, dr who) denis lill (batman, the royal, survivors, 24) polly james (the liver birds, worst witch, dr who) christopher saul (sahara, rosamund pilcher) stuart blake (flash gordon, dr who) vincent brimble (war and peace, inspector lynley mysteries) ian mcculloch (survivors, agatha christie's poirot, taggart) carole ann ford (dr who, the day of the triffids, suspense) paul jerricho (lewis, footballers wives, dr who, star wars) ray float (dr who, allo allo, juliet bravo) keith hodiak (full metal jacket, an american werewolf in london) stephen meredith (dr who, red dwarf) isla blair (indiana jones, johnny english, father brown)
  11. Guests of all types of genres

    example, franchises british-based which haven't really been covered: line of duty luther peaky blinders fawlty towers the fall the crown black mirror it crowd the office dads army a clockwork orange the full monty trainspotting this is england monty python
  12. oh and she's done Charmed too!!
  13. very memorable performances both in love actually and just like heaven. i'm purring excitedly to meet her!!
  14. great to c a video game guest. well done sm.