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  1. Guest Suggestions

    i have been wanting those guys for years.... If u could pls Showmasters
  2. Good announcement SM. Loving the lineup so far!!!
  3. 2018 Anniversaries

    As its the 40th Anniversary of Superman, these r my suggestions: gene hackman ned beatty terence stamp marc mcclure james garbutt william russell penelope lee larry lamb ray evans miquel brown vincent marzello ray hassett david calder michael ensign paul tuerpe john ratzenberger burnell tucker
  4. Guest Suggestions

    cough *tom baker* cough cough & peter davison *cough cough
  5. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    father ted cast: ardal o'hanlon (father ted, doctor who) pauline mclynn (father ted, transformers) tony guilfoyle (father ted, home, the crown) jim norton (harry potter, boy in the striped pyjamas, water for elephants, elementary) tom farrelly (father ted, doctor who) rosemary henderson (father ted, penny dreadful) derrick branche (the jewel in the crown, minder) niall buggy (alien3, mamma mia, will) mairead mckinley (edge of tomorrow, my mad fat diary) malcolm douglas (reign of fire, the tudors, vikings) clare grogan (red dwarf, skins) paul hickey (doctor who, whitechapel, saving private ryan) gerard mcsorley (war horse, robin hood, the tudors) pat laffan (leap year, the saint, war horse) richard wilson (merlin, one foot in the grave, dr who) patrick duggan (deathstalker) gerry o'brien (reign of fire, king arthur, pirates of the caribbean) vernon dobtcheff (indiana jones, spy who loved me, fiddler on the roof, dr who) maria doyle kennedy (the tudors, orphan black) kevin moore (johnny english, i give it a year) stephen brennan (mystic knights, the tudors, father ted) pat mcgrath (spy game, penny dreadful, game of thrones) ozzie yue (tomb raider, syriana, dr who, marco polo) dermot crowley (luther, star wars, mrs brown's boys, lady in the van) rio fanning (relic hunter, dr who, the avengers) sharon devlin (the living daylights, father ted) vincent marzello (the witches, superman, spy who loved me, never say never again) aislinn sands (afterlife, secret diary of a call girl) charlotte bradley (mystic knights, into the badlands) fidelma meehan (the tomorrow people, father ted, peak practice) tim dry (star wars, the 10th kingdom) mal whyte (the borgias, primeval, inspector george gently) sean barrett (the dark crystal, return to oz) jonathan white (the tudors) dawn bradfield (king arthur) donncha crowley (king arthur) dennis quilligan (the tudors) ultan ely-o'connell (chaplin, father ted) neil mccaul (gnomeo and juliet, class) conor lovett (versailles, endeavour) kevin mckidd (dog soldiers, kingdom of heaven, brave, grey's anatomy, star wars) clive geraghty (the tudors, black beauty) brendan burke (gotham, person of interest, orange is the new black) stephen kennedy (stan lee's lucky man, silent witness) john quinn (gladiator, law and order) brian eno (the lovely bones, moulin rouge, dune) i still love this show and would love to meet any of the above
  6. Guest Suggestions

    arrh!! now that would b a great person to meet, to meet the one and only Hades!!
  7. Guest suggestions

    martin jarvis robin parkinson lindsay lohan joseph long richard ashton ian or michael mcshane sarah natochenny ben turner tim bentinck ric reid james monroe iglehart ray fearon jim carter jim howick wole parks charlie bewley i know i'm repeating myself but i know I've the weekend off so i could possibly do this-so if u get one of these and i will definitely b there!!!
  8. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    i would like to c these dr who guests this year throughout ur cons please...? i would also like to c guests from the following franchises pls throughout this year: fantastic beasts girl with the dragon tattoo once upon a time
  9. Fantastic Beasts Guests

  10. Once Upon a Time Guests

    bump 'cough cough' sam witwer might b a good one as well
  11. Girl with the dragon tattoo guests

    bump good to c donald sumpter is back for more this year but any of the others listed above would b great
  12. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    paul hogan (crocodile dundee) rudolph walker (king ralph, dr who) bill turnbull (american pie. todd and the book of pure evil) booth savage (mr d, degrassi, the listener) lynne cormack (beauty and the beast, warehouse 13, bitten) kathryn greenwood (poltergeist, my big fat greek wedding) larry mannell (suits, murdoch mysteries) aron tager (x-men, goon, heroes reborn) howard hoover (repo men, the boondock saints) louise nicol (schitt's creek, orphan black) joy tanner (life with derek, cold squad, saving hope) marium carwell (repo men, meet the family, mr d)
  13. JB (Bond) Guests

    These r James Bond suggestions which i believe would b suitable for Any of the Comic Cons. i am aware some of which i'm about to suggest already are regulars at many of the Cons. game of thrones: oona chaplin (quantum of solace) tobias menzies (casino royale, underworld) patrick malahide (the singing detective) sean bean (lotr, the martian, goldeneye) charles dance (imitation game, alien3, ghostbusters) max von sydow (star wars, minority report, the exorcist) dr who: huw edwards (skyfall) anthony o'donnell (skyfall, sarah jane) patrice naiambana (spectre, son of god, torchwood) joseph millson (casino royale, sarah jane) tom chadbon (casino royale) peter brooke (episodes, sherlock, fugitive chronicles) robert jezek (casino royale, angel of decay) colin salmon (aliens vs predator, resident evil, james bond) samantha bond (james bond, sarah jane) paul darrow (blake's 7, die another day) daisy beaumont (world is not enough, shanghai knights) pip torrens (star wars) hugh bonneville (the monument men, downton abbey) timothy dalton (james bond, penny dreadful) christopher neame (ghostbusters, licence to kill, the prestige) michael moor (the living daylights, octopussy) david yip (indiana jones, a view to a kill) steven berkoff (girl with the dragon tattoo, rambo) philip voss (octopussy, vicious, law and order) jeremy bulloch (star wars) ken norris (octopussy) edward de souza (the golden compass, spy who loved me) vernon dobtcheff (indiana jones, spy who loved me) shane rimmer (batman begins, dark shadows, thunderbirds) garrick hagon (star wars, mission impossible, spy game) catherine schell (pink panther, on her majesty's secret service, space 1999) ronald rich (you only live twice, benny hill show) earl cameron (inception, the interpreter, thunderball) honor blackman (goldfinger, the avengers, bridget jones) jan williams (from russia with love, carry on) pamela salem (never say never again) tim bentinck (fantastic beasts, the thick of it) harry potter: alfonso cuaron (gravity, harry potter) john cleese (monty python) tim bentinck (fantastic beasts, thick of it, dr who) star wars: rufus wright (quantum of solace, rogue one) mads mikkelsen (rogue one, doctor strange, casino royale) hassani shapi (world is not enough) pip torrens (dr who) glyn baker (the living daylights) dermot crowley (luther, lady in the van, father ted) jeremy bulloch (octopussy) jack klaff (for your eyes only) ray hassett (superman, spy who loved me) shane rimmer (thunderbirds, batman begins, dark shadows) anthony forrest (spy who loved me) garrick hagon (mission impossible, spy game, dr who) christopher muncke (the spy who loved me) george roubicek (the dirty dozen, james bond) max von sydow (minority report, exorcist, game of thrones) wendy leech (james bond, indiana jones) gregg berger (transformers, garfield) vanessa marshall (guardians of the galaxy) james arnold taylor (guardians of the galaxy) star trek: vijay amritraj (octopussy, star trek) jeanne muri (mars attacks, the division) boris lee krutonog (the italian job) other ongoing franchises/franchises which have been covered: jeffrey wright (casino royale, hunger games) anatole taubman (quantum of solace, taken) glenn foster (avengers assemble, batman begins) stana katic (castle, superman, quantum of solace) christian heller (quantum of solace, girl with the dragon tattoo) guillermo del toro (pan's labyrinth, hellboy) javier bardem (pirates of the caribbean, skyfall) naomie harris (pirates of the caribbean, skyfall) roger yuan (skyfall, warcraft, x-men, shanghai noon) kurt egyiawan (skyfall, pan, the exorcist) ross waiton (skyfall, atlantis) enoch frost (guardians of the galaxy, skyfall) joss skottowe (skyfall, fifth element) dave bautista (guardians of the galaxy, spectre) andrew scott (spectre, sherlock, saving private ryan) tristan matthiae (the descent, 28 days later, spectre) umit ulgen (doctor strange, the night manager, spectre) eva green (penny dreadful, casino royale, 300) ivana milicevic (casino royale, banshee, gotham) tom so (casino royale, sherlock, being human) crispin bonham-carter (casino royale, er, relic hunter) allessandra ambrosio (casino royale, tmnt, new girl) halle berry (x-men, cloud atlas, die another day) michael madsen (reservoir dogs, kill bill) lawrence makoare (lotr, the hobbit, die another day) daryl kwan (die another day, tomb raider) sai-kit yung (batman begins, die another day, gangs of new york) ami chorlton (die another day, relic hunter) sophie marceau (braveheart, world is not enough) ulrich thomsen (the thing, the blacklist, banshee) omid djalili (gladiator, the mummy, thunderbirds are go) patrick romer (world is not enough, primeval) jimmy roussounis (pirates of the caribbean, snatch) daz crawford (agents of shield, jungle book, blade) jonathan pryce (pirates of the caribbean, tomorrow never dies) teri hatcher (new adventures of superman, tomorrow never dies) al matthews (aliens, fifth element, tomorrow never dies) julian rhind-tutt (lucy, rush, tomb raider) eoin mccarthy (aliens vs predator, tomorrow never dies) william scott-mason (braveheart, tomorrow never dies) nadia cameron-blakey (batman begins, tomorrow never dies) liza ross (batman, tomorrow never dies) izabella scorupco (goldeneye, reign of fire, the exorcist) famke janssen (x-men, goldeneye, taken) alan cumming (x-men, goldeneye, spy kids) ravil isyanov (defiance, transformers, sniper) robert davi (die hard, licence to kill, the goonies) frank mcrae (last action hero, rocky, licence to kill) everett mcgill (people under the stairs, dune, twin peaks) anthony starke (licence to kill, hand of god) grand l. bush (die hard, lethal weapon, demolition man) diane hsu (licence to kill, the west wing, young and the restless) honorato magaloni (dune, the last battle, licence to kill) andreas wisniewski (die hard, mission impossible, living daylights) virginia hey (mad max, farscape, the living daylights) julie t. wallace (fifth element, living daylights, speed racer) sharon devlin (living daylights, father ted) alison doody (indiana jones, a view to a kill) carole ashby (view to a kill, octopussy, allo allo) dolph lundgren (the expendables, rocky) stefan kalipka (indiana jones, for your eyes only) william hoyland (hellboy, for your eyes only, gandhi) vincent marzello (superman, spy who loved me, never say never again) ray evans (superman, spy who loved me) eric stine (spy who loved me, superman) kevin mcnally (pirates of the caribbean, TURN, 24) keith buckley (excalibur, spy who loved me, red dwarf) yaphet kotto (alien, live and let die) sean connery (dr no, indiana jones, the rock) sid haig (the devils rejects, kill bill, hatchet, halloween) yuri borienko (on her majesty's secret service, superman) michael chow (rush hour, lethal weapon, you only live twice) ursula andress (dr no, casino royale, clash of the titans) gavan o'herlihy (willow, superman, the descent) guido adorni (never say never again, little britain) michael ensign (titanic, ghostbusters, ncis) richard whitin (the island, agents of shield) jean gilpin (fault in our stars, atlantis) heidi klum (hoodwinked, how i met your mother) carlos ferro (beware the batman, cleveland show, scooby doo) samantha newark (transformers, everything or nothing) as u can see, there r loads from this genre who could do Comic Cons...
  14. Guest suggestions

    paul hogan (crocodile dundee) rudolph walker (mr bean, dr who, king ralph, ali g indahouse)
  15. Guest suggestions

    has paul hogan ever done comic cons? i'd like to suggest him, as well as Rudolph Walker (the exam invigilator in Mr. Bean, Harper in The War Games, dr who, troughtons reign)