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  1. maxcat

    Guest Suggestions

    we can only Hope. **fingers crossed**
  2. maxcat

    Guest Suggestions

    plus samantha eggar (also hercules)
  3. maxcat

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    christian camargo (twilight, national treasure) erica leerhsen (the texas chainsaw massacre) estella warren (planet of the apes, kangaroo jack) angela alvarado (dexter, the mentalist, bones) patrick gorman (teen wolf, sleepy hollow) john colton (timeless, ncis, hawaii five-o) whitney anderson (bones) john m jackson (ncis, criminal minds) malcolm barrett (timeless) laura regan (legends of tomorrow, ncis, longmire) albert malafronte (american crime story, ray donovan) sonia braga (luke cage, royal pains) jed rees (deadpool, galaxy quest) katey sagal (futurama, sons of anarchy)
  4. maxcat

    Guest Suggestions

    james woods (hercules), purely on the fact it looks like he's only doing voice acting at the mo and could well b free to do this event!! danny devito would also b amazing!!
  5. she is still showing as doing both saturday and sunday on the main website, just to let u know
  6. another fantastic beasts guest!!!! yay!
  7. maxcat

    Guest Suggestions

    bruce willis
  8. maxcat

    Guest announcement at 7pm tomorrow

    sean pertwee?
  9. maxcat

    Guest Suggestions

    i still predict Whoopi Goldberg and Brad Pitt could b at this con! I'm also now predicting (although I don't know if its possible) sylvester stallone
  10. Oh man i really want to meet him again, didn't get a photo last time.
  11. been credited accidentally on the website for being known for ''star wars''. i just thought i'd let u know
  12. doesn't look like it. possibly an entirely different person.
  13. he's also in harry potter 5 as a commuter