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  1. sounds like we might be getting a winter lfcc, possibly...
  2. has he? Can't see an announcement on the Sheffield pages
  3. more big finish suggestions: peter egan (chariots of fire) ian cullen (dr who) alex mallinson (dr who) chris porter (murder on the orient express, dr who) adrian mackinder (johnny english) david shaw parker (the muppets) jo castleton (dr who) frank skinner (dr who) barnaby kay (the hive, dr who) rachael stirling (snow white and the huntsman, dr who) sorcha cusack (a discovery of witches) derek hutchinson (v for vendetta) alex wyndham (rome) camilla power (torchwood, black mirror) bethan walker (final fantasy, torchwood) ramon tikaram (jupiter ascending, speed racer) david yelland (chariots of fire) john woodvine (an american werewolf in london) harry myers (horizon zero dawn) esther hall (rome) gunnar cauthery (war horse, genius) ewan bailey (judge dredd, the jackal, dr who) lucy briggs-owen (bloodborne) carolyn seymour (mortal kombat, mass effect) don warrington (the five, dr who) sean carlsen (torchwood, dr who) scott arthur (da vinci's demons, being human) laura doddington (the witcher) rachel atkins (harry potter, humans) david baillie (pirates of the caribbean) andrew fettes (dr who) patrick duggan (grand theft auto) hugo myatt (knightmare) gary russell (dr who) leslie ash (quadrophenia, cats eyes) tim preece (ivanhoe, dr who) jane macfarlane (outlander) mark donovan (shaun of the dead, world's end) graeme garden (the goodies) andrew bone (sherlock, wrong turn) mike noble (jack ryan, mr selfridge) samuel west (van helsing, mr selfridge) alexander siddig (star trek, game of thrones, primeval, atlantis) nickolas grace (robin of sherwood) alex jordan (game of thrones, paddington) lizzie hopley (dr who)
  4. sting (dune, quadrophenia, the simpsons, emperors new groove) phil davis (sherlock, poldark, alien3) ray winstone (beowulf, indiana jones) timothy spall (harry potter) gerard naprous (mission impossible) ralph bakshi (lord of the rings) clinton greyn (dr who) sheila hancock (boy in striped pyjamas, dr who) jeremy brudenell (david copperfield, highlander) aesop aquarian (lord of the rings, power rangers) walter robles (total recall, the golden child) tom hollander (pirates of the caribbean, baptiste, bohemian rhapsody) carol ann ford (dr who)
  5. as there's a quadrophenia theme this year-how abt Sting? other suggestions: gerard naprous (mission impossible) dyson lovell (romeo and juliet, merlin) ralph bakshi (lord of the rings) mary healey (dr who) clinton greyn (dr who) sheila hancock (boy in the striped pyjamas, dr who) jeremy brudenell (david copperfield, highlander) peter eyre (dragonslayer)
  6. if anything those who are well known but now less busy are possibly more likely to b invited, but who knows to b certain? but there r so many i'd like to meet and i don't know if its me or the fact dr who producers and screenwriters could b more plausible...?
  7. hotel 65 at £153, thru the trivago site!! bargain!! and they r gd too!!
  8. lisa, i actually saw was with david warner the other weekend at london. would b nice to c her as a guest for a future event
  9. whip hubley (top gun) french stewart (3rd rock from the sun, stargate) gordon tipple (the x files, dr who)
  10. lucy davis christopher fairbank eddie marsan dermot crowley that's all my photoshoots, but i'm not putting on here the wide variety of photos taken on my camera
  11. John Simm Mr Lazenby!! iain Glen david anders
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