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  1. Pinhead1987

    Guest Suggestions

    Hey showmasters it would be great if use could get Sam Raimi to attend he's doing conventions now in America.
  2. Pinhead1987

    Who are you meeting!?

    So far for as im a massive horror fan it's C j Graham - Jason from Friday the 13th Jason Lives David Naughton - An American werewolf in London. Roll on more horror guest.
  3. Pinhead1987


    Photoshoot booked for the Sunday roll on some more horror guests maybe even Alice Cooper
  4. Pinhead1987

    Guest Suggestions

    Bruce Campbell and every one else from the evil dead franchise.
  5. Pinhead1987

    Guest Suggestions

    The new Michael Myers - James Jude Courtney
  6. Pinhead1987

    Guest Suggestions

    Ted Raimi please.
  7. Pinhead1987

    Guest Suggestions

    Would also love to meet David Naughton as i cant attend the LFCC.
  8. Pinhead1987

    Guest Suggestions

    Ted Raimi please.
  9. Pinhead1987

    Latest Guest Announcement - LANCE HENRIKSEN

    Where bouts is he signing ?
  10. Pinhead1987

    Latest Guest Announcement - NICK CASTLE

    Can the folks who met nick on friday tell me where hes signing ?
  11. Pinhead1987

    Latest Guest Announcement - JASON MOMOA

    Hey quick question, if i miss the am phtoshoot can i get the pm photoshoot ?
  12. Pinhead1987

    Guest Cancellation - Ted Raimi

    This one is hard to swallow pun attended I do fully understand the reasons for guest cancellation it is common but this is starting to take the biscuit, there's been so much cancellations for this years event it's starting to make me think if it's worth while attending future event's because it is quite expensive for flights and Ted Raimi was the big ticket seller for me. I love attending these event's every year but with this year's event being effected by so many cancellations im starting to question if its worth while attending future event's very disappointed over this one, just expressing my feelings towards it, i don't mean any disrespect
  13. Pinhead1987

    Guest Suggestions

    Would be a dream if use guys could get Ricou Browning one of the actors who played the creature from The Creature From The Black Lagoon.
  14. Pinhead1987

    Who are you meeting!?

    I'll be attending Saturday and ill be meeting, Lance Henriksen - 2 signatures Aliens poster and my Pumpkinhead blu-ray. William Hope - 2 signatures Aliens poster and my Pinhead poster. Tom Atkins to sign my The Fog blu-ray. Adrienne Barboua to sign my The Fog blu-ray. Ted Raimi - 2 signatures Evil dead 2 blu-ray and my Evil dead 2 record vinyl plus a photo shoot. Nick Castle 2 signatures Halloween blu-ray and my Halloween poster.