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  1. Hey not sure on where to post this but may aswel post it here, when can we expect the photos to be uploaded on to the site ?
  2. Thanks very much for the quick replies, cant wait to meet him I'm a massive Evil Dead fan and he's now apart of The Evil Dead family with Ash vs Evil Dead.
  3. Hey I'll be attending tomorrow and I'm looking to meet Lee, can anyone tell me what his queue has been like will I need to get a very low VQ number ?
  4. There's barley any free talks on the Sunday compared to Saturday.
  5. Loving this. I will be getting him to sign my print of of The Howling.
  6. Would love any of the cast members from What We Do In The Shadows movie/tv series.
  7. Doug bradley (pinhead) Hellraiser 1987
  8. Trying not to get too excited as there is always the chance of cancellation. But im really happy to see an Evil Dead related guest will be getting my Ash vs EvilDead season 2 blu-ray signed and my poster.
  9. Would love too, but my time in London is limited unfortunately, im there from Saturday to Monday.
  10. Hey showmasters it would be great if use could get Sam Raimi to attend he's doing conventions now in America.
  11. So far for as im a massive horror fan it's C j Graham - Jason from Friday the 13th Jason Lives David Naughton - An American werewolf in London. Roll on more horror guest.
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