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Latest Guest Announcement - LANCE HENRIKSEN


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Latest Guest Announcement: Lance Henriksen

Appearing: All 3 days

Autograph: £25

Photo Shoot: £25





*Aliens - Bishop 
*Alien 3 - Bishop II 
*The Terminator - Detective Hal Vukovich 
*Millennium - Frank Black 
*Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Robert
*Near Dark - Jesse Hooker 
*Pumpkinhead - Frank 
*AVP: Alien vs Predator - Charles Bishop Weyland
*Scream 3 - John Milton 
*The Blacklist - Bill McCready
*Into the Badlands - Penrith
*Legends of Tomorrow - Todd Rice/Obsidian 
*The X-Files - Frank Black 

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1 hour ago, benweblight said:

Not yet! I hope so. Still need him and a couple of others

Yup the stragglers will be got someday:-D we live in hope!


I would have travelled down just for Lance. I think that says it all about this announcement haha Desperate for them Aliens guests me.

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