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  1. No one seems to know where he is. A agent told me he was here and I saw his poster them when u went back to see him the poster was gone from the row but I'm told he here somewhere
  2. Gutted, I had the Samantha Morton and Cassidy duo op, how long do refunds take please? I might have time to buy a couple of others
  3. Yeah I had that when I got his auto yesterday an also from last year when a friend got one for me. No decent coffin pix out there due to the age of the film
  4. Hes done many cons, my mate met him in Germany last year. Why did he laugh at your dedication
  5. My friend asked that yesterday and the answer was no as its sold out and a small window, otherwise it would cause big delays. Sunday is still available, I brought one this morning
  6. Hear there were alot of problems at Heathrow today. Hopfully that's the reason and hes here tomorrow.
  7. Thanks bro, my main reason for coming. Did they say why he failed to show up?
  8. I understand Franco didnt show up today, is there an update as to why and if he will be here tomorrow?
  9. Noooooooooooooooooo gutted. Was so looking forward to seeing him again
  10. Incredible, absolutely amazing guest. Wanted to meet him for over 30 years. Second on my list only to Indiana Jones himself. Could not be more happy. Thank u soooooo much
  11. I had to pay £5 extra although his assistant tried charging £10 As it was one quote split into two parts on the pic so it wasn't squashed. Peter said just £5 Then forgot to actually write my name
  12. If David is in a group shoot with Eccles Smith Capaldi and I have all individual can these be swapped for one group instead of separate?
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