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  1. charlesberg

    Guest Suggestions

    Vera Famiga, AnnaLynne McCord, Kayvan Novak David H. Thornton, SIGOURNEY WEAVER if it pleases you
  2. charlesberg

    Guest Suggestions

    I second this, would love to meet him
  3. charlesberg

    Guest Suggestions

    Linda Cardellini, Taika Waititi, Sam Raimi, James Wan, Guillermo Del Toro, Hayao Miyazaki, Patrick Wilson, Vera Famiga, Lin Shaye
  4. charlesberg

    Funko Pop Collection

    I left at 2.45 and he still had 2 tables to do
  5. charlesberg

    List your Top 5!

    this is way too hard, I like the friendly D. idea and just name one, 1)a tale of two sisters
  6. charlesberg

    Funko Pop Collection

    Bryan's a really cool dude, I met him at a weekend convention where his meet and greet went on past 3am. Definitely meet him if you ever get the chance
  7. charlesberg

    Funko Pop Collection

    I'm not jealous of your hannibal shelf...at all. Although you know your missing one (kind of)
  8. charlesberg

    New Event Announced

    MKs Back?! this is the best news! i'm so happy right now
  9. charlesberg

    Disappearing Announcement

    your going to be dealing with the fall out from this for the rest of your life QS, is this clue real, is this guest real? am I real? are you real? IS ANYTHING REAL?
  10. charlesberg

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    could the nice moves be reference to the bottle top challenge? Donnie Yen's is amazing
  11. charlesberg

    I hate Funko Pops!

    I don't like them either but if one comes out for one of my fandoms then I must have it
  12. charlesberg


    this hurts
  13. charlesberg

    Protecting Signed DVD/Blu Rays'

    I've got loads of them signed and some are ten years old and they're still okay. The only thing I'd add is try to keep them out of the sunlight. I have stuff on the wall faded quite badly (not the auto but the surrounding poster). I'm not sure how faded a dvd/blu ray sleeve might become. At least if you just keep them on the shelf with the spine out it will protect the cover and auto from sunlight
  14. charlesberg

    Latest Guest Announcement - RUGGERO DEODATO

    wow! looks like I'm coming on Sunday this year