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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Marama Corlett, Katherine Langford, Frank Grillo and Robert E. Grant
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT

    HOLY CR*P! THIS IS AMAZING NEWS! at other cons I have been to, you sit at a table in a small group and the guest comes over says hello, makes chit chat for 5mins then he/she moves to the next table
  3. Guest Suggestions

    seconded! I would love to meet final girl Heather Langenkamp and although I don't really do photos, I would make an exception for a double photo with Robert
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - DANNY GLOVER

    Danny Glover's a Legend!.....2018 is going to be an expensive year
  5. years of regret

    by this logic, you should watch battlestar galactica! its way better than stranger things
  6. The films you've seen, in 2017

    loved Thor, loved blade runner 2049, loved beyond skyline, loved It came from the desert. lovelovelovelovelove
  7. Guest Suggestions

    John C. McGinley and Bruce Campbell, who wouldn't want an Ash/Stan double photo?
  8. I'm wearing one fingerless glove

    ....its a Goldilocks thing
  9. Twin Peaks season 3

    what did people make of season 3? ....... I'm absolutely stunned......
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Jennifer Tilly
  11. Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    we have lost of so many of our horror icons of late has caused me to think we must redouble our efforts in getting horror guests for this and the coming years cons. I met a whole bunch of horror guys this weekend that would be perfect for showmaster events, to name a few, Joe Lynch, Adam Green, Don Mancini, Todd Tucker. And how about Maika Monroe, Olwen Catherine Kelly, Ophelia Lovibond
  12. Samantha Robinson (The Love Witch)

    Yes please! Anna Biller the director would be awesome too
  13. Gina Torres

    sadly her and her husband aren't into cons
  14. Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    horror directors I would love to meet, JOHN CARPENTER!, Sam Raimi, Guillermo Del Toro, The Soska sisters, Tom Six, David Cronenberg, Neil Jordan
  15. The films you've seen, in 2017

    prevenge, (sad and funny in equal measure) has left me kicking myself for not meeting Gemma Whelan last month, and the month before come to think of it