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  1. charlesberg

    Guest Announcement Monday 24 June 7pm

    mate, Michael Keaton's a legend ! Batman, Birdman and beetlejuice beetlejuice...
  2. charlesberg

    Latest Guest Announcement - RUGGERO DEODATO

    wow! looks like I'm coming on Sunday this year
  3. great being in all caps maybe a clue but all I've got is Tony the Tiger. I doubt it'll be him though
  4. charlesberg

    Latest Guest Announcement - FRANCO NERO

    COOL! I really hope he does a talk over the weekend
  5. charlesberg

    Steelbook collection.

    I have a couple, but the pride of my collection is my 4k steelbook of Argento's suspira. All I need now is a 4K player and a 4k TV and maybe then I'll get to watch it
  6. charlesberg

    Films watched in 2019

    captain marvel double bill I though both were fiercely mediocre. I didn't hate Shazam as much as Nicky, but for me the whole premise just didn't work. I found Captain Marvel to be just plane dull, Ben Mendelsohn was the best thing in it.
  7. charlesberg


    I'll try, just make sure your not in the splash zone
  8. charlesberg


    awesome! but can I meet her without my brain exploding?
  9. charlesberg

    Big guest announcement wednesday 7pm

    Sigourney please be Sigourney
  10. charlesberg

    Films watched in 2019

    Bandersnatch is fun especially if you remember those adventure game books where you turn to a certain page when you make a decision. Battle Angel Alita is visually stunning, like watching live action manga. Watch in 3d if you can and IMAX
  11. charlesberg

    Guest Suggestions

    Mercedes McNab for a camp Chippewa reunion pic
  12. charlesberg

    Guest Suggestions

    Tatiana Maslany and Mimi Rogers
  13. charlesberg

    Latest Guest Announcement - EMILY PERKINS

    Score! I'm a huge fan of the ginger snaps movies!
  14. charlesberg

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    only negative was the lack of air con in the signing area. The heat really brings out the aroma of body odour. Thank goodness it cooled down this weekend
  15. charlesberg


    I am a life long x-files fan and so was really nervous about meeting him. Thankfully he is ******* awesome. The end.