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  1. With people who are unable to attend today to pickup and queue early, like really early. Will we still be able to get our weekend bands in the queue like previous years?
  2. Ah really? I have never known this in all these years! Taa Seb.
  3. I know this isn't a question, but if there is 2 pieces of advice I can give to newbies: Bring Deodorant. You will sweat your giblets off with the amount of people that attend and you don't want to meat your idol with a whiff. If in doubt, find me, I always have a supply Bring water. You may have to have an empty bottle upon entry (can't exactly remember what the word was on that last year), but ask any of the restaurants to fill out for you or fill from anywhere you can find. I had a bad time being quite dehydrated a couple of years back at LFCC and the con didn't end too well for me. KEEP HYDRATED!
  4. Just a quick one. I've noticed some amendments on the main pages of guests on the LFCC website, where it now states the number of additional autos that can be purchased. I've only personally spotted it on Jaon, Rory and Meatloaf. I'm assuming this is cos it's expected these guests to be particularly busy. So if it isn't listed on the likes of Isaac, Iwan etc as it stands, there's still a kind of unlimited amount? I only ask, as I'm part of a Thrones Auto group and have offered the possibility of nabbing a couple of 8x10s for people (not in a dealer kinda way, just at cost pickup to help em out).
  5. Can finally add him to my alien piece. One of very few missing now!
  6. Basically. With the Diamond Pass, you can jump in the auto queue whenever you want. You automatically skip the whole virtual queue shenanigans. Therefore it is guaranteed, as long as you go there whilst he is at the desk. If you keep going back whilst he's away (photo sessions, Q&A, lunch etc) and can't be bothered to wait for him etc, it's king of your own fault.
  7. Diana Rigg. Don't think SM has had her since she has appeared in Thrones, but I know she has done previous shows.
  8. Sean Bean must be open to the idea now. Gotta get him along, surely?
  9. Hi guys, Just wondered if anyone still has the dates of the old CM:MK, when they used to take place in the shopping centre? Particularly wanting to track down the date of the year they had the 4 hobbits, Serkis and co.
  10. Pilou Asbaek back and for every event that is ever held. Diana Rigg Peter Dinklage Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Alfie Allen Aiden Gillan Sophie Turner Maisie Williams. Any combination of those.
  11. Can a contract be negotiated so that Pilou Asbaek is at every con.....ever. Pretty please?
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