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  1. You know why don't you - I swapped my photo and the woman in front of me also swapped hers for a full face on robocop photo that was sitting at the desk he was at. Staff said a trader had purchased these and were needed to be signed. I'm not kidding here - there must of been about 40 - 60 photos all robocop and im guessing all from the 1st choose your photo table.
  2. Oh I'll jump on this also if okay, there was a sculpture / model store close to stairs going up in the middle of the ground floor. Large sculptures/ models with great detail Jaws / Freddy/ gremlins etc. Any idea of the name of it? Only did one day thus year and was flying around al day for photos n autos.
  3. The price put me off right from the start, I just couldn't justify it with others more attractive at the announcement times.
  4. That's a bit unfair then, I was the same asked for an extra fiver for an inscription must have been at some point after 3'ish.
  5. Takes me back to my youth with his commentary in the WWF.
  6. 3 Aliens guests and no group photo shoot, missed opportunity there I feel.
  7. Boy this takes me back, him and Sgt slaughter were my favourites growing up.
  8. Any chance you're accepting requests for a group photo shoot with Lance and any other Alien guests?
  9. Another brilliant guest this film takes me back. Costume + sword with background shoot sounds unreal.
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