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  1. Any chance you're accepting requests for a group photo shoot with Lance and any other Alien guests?
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT

    Another brilliant guest this film takes me back. Costume + sword with background shoot sounds unreal.
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - DANNY GLOVER

    Brilliant guest, keep up the great work!
  4. Very happy, keep the Aliens guests coming please!
  5. Anyone sharing photo's of talks?

    Numerous attempts to upload one last night.
  6. Anyone sharing photo's of talks?

    Ah sod it, clearly not technically gifted enough to upload photos.
  7. Showmasters Appreciation

    I think this was my 3rd one, fully enjoyed once again and very happy with the spread of guest that were available and got to meet. £ well spent once again and see you all next year, definitely doing 3 days as trying to fit everything into 2 made it a bit more pressurised than normal.
  8. Demolition appreciation thread

    Gutted I had no money left to get autos and a photo, I didn't think I'd be that bothered but seeing them brought all my childhood wwf memories flowing back. Judging by the queues I wasn't the only one. Definitely putting more money aside next time for any old school wwf wrestlers that appear in the future. I also hope they come back.
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM SKERRITT

    Man I should of booked up for Sunday- sounds like he had a great nights sleep on Sat.
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM SKERRITT

    She was brilliant in the Alien talk and meeting her at her desk.
  11. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM SKERRITT

    While in the queue waiting for Tom Skerritt i looked across as both queues were running parallel- Matt Lucas looked full of energy and getting right into it with every person that he met. It really put Tom Skerritt to shame who couldn't even be bothered to look up and acknowledge my presence = very disappointing. It was the same in the photo shoot for a fair few people before me just looking straight ahead with hands together in front of him. To be fair he did make eye contact and shake my hand as I approached and a few after me - but looked like he was on medication for the first fair few fans and these were all Diamond pass fans ( not that there's any difference as we're all fans at the end of the day) but the first few clearly made the extra effort - I'd of thought he'd of taken this into account having done a few events now.
  12. Big Bang Prop Set

    Very happy with the end result, the camera angle really made for a nice photo- no complaints here with the final reasult. Thanks SM a very nice touch ( now let's work on getting the rest of the gang over soon ;-)
  13. Love to know where you's get the energy from. Friday night I reckon I'd be good to go m, but Sat in well and truley wiped out by 6. Maybe I should take more breaks and rest more often. Think I'm on my feet from start to finish really not wanting to miss out on anything.
  14. Silent Auction purchases

    I got outbid on Carrie Fisher auto, went for £200.01 in the end.