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  1. Some Once Upon a Time guests would be great: Rose Reynolds Amy Manson Rebecca Mader Meghan Ory Adelaide Kane Tiera Skovbye Robbie Kay Sarah Bolger David Anders Jamie Chung Victoria Smurfitt Mekia Cox Dania Ramirez Eion Bailey Joana Metras Liam Garrigan Rachel Shelley Daniel Francis
  2. I just watched the Josie and the Pussycats film again, and would love to meet any of these: Rachael Leigh Cook Rosario Dawson Tara Reid Gabriel Mann Paulo Costanzo Missi Pyle Alan Cumming Parker Posey
  3. More Arrow guests would be brilliant: Stephen Amell Emily Brett Rickards Willa Holland Katie Cassidy Caity Lotz Paul Blackthorne Katrina Law Neal McDonough Audrey Marie Anderson
  4. Winona Ryder Ellen Page Neve Campbell Naomi Scott Idina Menzel
  5. I would love some Legends of Tomorrow guests
  6. I think this was my busiest ever year for guests and I had a lot of good experiences. I won't mention them all, but some of the highlights were: Christopher Eccleston was great. Obviously he was really busy but we had a brief chat and I told him how happy I was to meet him as I had loved his Doctor John Barrowman was also great, and so much fun in the photoshoot with Gareth David Lloyd, they were doing many fun poses and I got a hug! Jenna Coleman I really enjoyed meeting, we had a brief chat mainly about the heat (this was around 3 on Saturday afternoon when it was particularly warm). Karen David was definitely one of my favourite guests, I had a photoshoot on Friday morning which she remembered me from when I got her autograph a little later. We then had a really good chat about OUAT. She was so nice I booked a photoshoot for Saturday too, she remembered me again and give me a big hug! Rick Gonzalez ,Manu Bennett, and Kirk Acevedo were all great, I was so happy Manu put 'I keep my promises Kid' on my autograph (I think he did that quite a lot, but it is such an iconic quote for him) Gemma Whelan was another favourite who is always so friendly and chatty. I had a conversation with her about the heat too, mainly because it was a bit cooler where she was (at least at the time I was there) Also all of the Doctor Who guests who were only there for one day (Samuel Oatley, John Levene, John Leeseon, Peter Purves, Sophie Aldred and Nicola Bryant) were great. Away from the main guests both Jessica Martin and Andrew Cartmel were brilliant. I bought Jessica's new book and had a nice chat with her, including about her recent work with big finish. Andrew remembered me from before and we had an interesting chat about Paradise Towers and about season 26 So all in all it was a great experience for me
  7. One with Jessica Martin and two with Rick Gonzalez (who was a brilliant guest). I still need to get my photoshoot ones scanned in
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