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would you pay this amount to meet these people ?


i would be happy to pay this price so i can meet this guest   

425 members have voted

  1. 1. if there is the right amount of interest it could happen

    • Stan Lee £30
    • Ian Holm £45
  2. 2. 2nd choice

    • Hayden Christensen £55
    • Christopher Lee £55
  3. 3. 3ed choice

    • Ewan McGregor £50
    • Christopher Lambert £35

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I've voted but regardless of the result I'd pay those prices for all of them.


Would have to talk to the bank manager though if they were all together!!

I agree with you on this would be willing to pay those prices for all of them. Struggled to choose on the first 2

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I kinda have to think beyond whether someone is yummy or not for these prices :lol:


eliza dushku £40?

Strangely I'd say no but only because I've met her before a couple of times for cheaper :P

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Wow......You are considering Christopher Lambert......AMAZING.


Its not true what my mother says, if you keep nagging YOU DO eventually get what you want.


I know its never going to happen but please please try to get him for Glasgow.


The other guests are amazing also and i would be more than happy to shell out for them, totally understand that costs would go up.


Well done Showmasters for taking this approach and the voting is a great idea.

Love it!!!

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I'm not voting as I don't want anyone from the other two sections, but I'd pay that for Ewan McGregor - though I agree with the person who said it would be good to have a slight discount on multiple things, at that price.

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With my LOTR and Alien multi-signed posters on the go, Ian Holm MUST attend. I understand Ian's been unwell recently, and Jason's always keen to point out "now or never" opportunities, so 1+1=LFCC.


£45 no problem - and with the franchises well represented by SM already, I don't doubt he will be snapped up.


Ewan on the other hand has obviously been talking to Uncle Denis - hate the fans, but fleece them if you can. And as Ewan took the Star Wars job as a fan himself, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's almost as if he now needs to counteract some recent bad press. :lol:

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Stan Lee, Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor a thousand times over!! (OK - don't hold me to that!!)


Stan Lee over Iain Holm any day of the week - especially at that price!


As much as I would love to meet Christopher Lee, I feer that his age and fragility may lessen the experience for both himself and the many fans who would want to meet him. As an autograph collector, it is easy to obtain his signature from the store on his official site, with an array of photos, posters and other items signed available to purchase.


That is why I opted for Hayden over Christopher - though, obviously, if I could have voted for both I would have!!


As much as I love Highlander, Ewan has a larger portfolio of work that I appreciate.


So, Stan, Hayden & Ewan for me.



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Because I had to make a choice on the first one I chose Stan Lee but I would quite happily pay that amount for both of them. I went for Christopher Lee in the second one just because I don't think £55 would be justified for Hayden where as I would be more likely to get Christopher Lee's at that price. Maybe if Hayden's was around £35-£40 I only say this because even though they have both been in Star Wars I find that Christopher Lee has the big titled movies under his belt. Last one is hands down on Ewan McGregor just because I adore him, though I do quite like Christopher Lambert as well.


Yeah Showmasters you officially made this vote difficult.

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Stan Lee for £30 is a BARGAIN!!!!!! I would like to meet Ian Holm, but me personally I don't think I would part with more than £20 to meet him. But Stan is the Man and I know a tonne of people who don't usually attend SM events that would come purely for Stan.


I would love to meet Christopher Lee too, though if I am 100% honest, £55 is a lot for me at the moment, so it would totally depend on if I could afford it at the time.


And £35 for Christopher Lambert is also a bargain in my opinion. I think we are all pretty much used to paying £20-£25 for top guests, so an extra tenner for an ultra rare signer is fine by me.


But out of all six, Stan Lee would be the biggest draw IMO, especially at that price!!! :lol:

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I would pay for Christopher Lee, but not the others at the prices quoted. That is not to say that I wouldn't mind meeting the others too.


I would hope that for the money you would get not just an autograph, but the opportunity to exchange a few words.

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As I've often said over the years, in general I'm quite comfortable with paying more to meet bigger guests. In this case, I'd pay a fair amount to meet Christopher Lambert, or Stan Lee, for example. Put these people out Jason, and I guarantee you people will come!


As for Christopher Lee... He looked *very* frail at the BAFTAs. Take a look on youtube - very sad. I suspect that Peter Jackson will be nailing down Lee's performance for the Hobbit VERY early in the process - he will not be with us for too much longer.

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I would happily pay £100 for an in-person Stan Lee autograph, but please don't get him for LFCC - I can't make it!!!

One of the autumn shows please!! (I know, I'm being selfish, but this is Stan Lee we're talking about!!)

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