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  1. Oh for God's sake!! Seriousy debating whether to go or not now, as are a number of my friends. Only one guest left I'm anyway interested in; very disappointing.
  2. How fantastic that I only have to drive an hour down the road for this instead of the usual 90 minute drive, 1 hour flight and 45 minute train journey I normally have to get to the London venues :)
  3. Hope I will eat my hat if it is Michelle after all that lol I'll eat my Fedora if its Harrison lol. Not the one you got him to sign?!!
  4. It's not unprofessional, try using the term correctly. It could all be down to a simple time typo. I bet it was meant to be 7pm. Well, if they get the time wrong in the thread title and in the announcement post itself, then, yeah, it's kinda unprofessional.
  5. How long until the "we're sorting out some last details and will announce on Monday at 7pm" thread?
  6. It doesn't aid Showmaster's image to be late with something like this. It seems unprofessional.
  7. Guests I should of met? None. Guests I should have met? A few.
  8. How about a show in Belfast, where much of GoT is filmed? A cast and crew show?
  9. Nathan Fillion, Nathan Fillion and, if you can get him, Nathan Fillion. Stana Katic would be fine as well.
  10. It's an older Sony model, DSC-HX9V. I know there's at least one upgrade model, but I find it to be excellent, always happy with the results.
  11. And the new Master of the (movie) Universe, JJ Abrams.
  12. As well as Alice Eve, Trek's new Carol Marcus.
  13. Meeting Chris Pine at the Star Trek Into Drkness premiere. A really nice guy.
  14. I met him last week; really cool dude. Very friendly as well. He'd be great for a SM show. Here's hoping :)
  15. Hopefully, this will be a GoT-free zone. Unless it's Sean Bean.
  16. Wow!! Having met Spielberg and Sam Neill this year, this will be a great addition. Best CM guest (for me) in some time.
  17. They do have something to tell but they're not telling it. If they can't give a new date yet, then fine but at least admit that it has been postponed.
  18. Sorry. Just trying to do the people on here a service of actually giving them some news which comes from as reliable a source as you could want - one of the guests. Can't we at least say it has been postponed, as they know it has, and leave the new date announcement for SM or whoever? This really isn't fair to those still hoping/planning to go.
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