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  1. The wording for the Diamond Pass states: 1 x Guaranteed in-person autograph with Natalie Dormer. This can be on either your own personal item or a 10x8 supplied by us. (This can be collected on Saturday or Sunday) No virtual queue ticket is required; however Diamond Pass Holders will be called by number. Your number can be found on your pass. I went to her line first thing on Saturday and got my autograph.
  2. She is a really friendly lady! And a great Star Wars fan.
  3. Autograph prices

    The Autograph prices are now on the website: http://destinationstartrek.com/highlights/autographs
  4. Autograph prices

    Well, much later and it literally will be after the event!!!
  5. Looking forward to release of a further batch as waiting to buy photoshoot, either Saturday or Sunday please.
  6. Printing own photos..

    Max Spielmann are good.
  7. Does anyone remember the tv show The Tripods?

    Yep. Watched the two seasons that were shown on BBC.I met John Sheckley at a Star Trek convention in Liverpool.
  8. Both Shows

    Started out as just an OUAT fan but watched Grimm and now love both.
  9. Please announce guests :(

    Like others, I am waiting for more guest announcements before booking.
  10. I would suggest that you travel by train from Newcastle to Birmingham New Street, then get a train to Milton Keynes Central
  11. Thank You thread

    I had a very enjoyable weekend, the guests were very friendly and it all went so smoothly. So sad that it is the last one. Thanks for a fun weekend!
  12. allan hyde for bitten 3

    He is doing another convention in London at the end of September
  13. Stargate Universe: Yay or Nay?

    Poor, slow and tedious. I gave up at the end of season one.
  14. Met her once, very polite and friendly. Look forward to seeing her again.
  15. Park Inn Information

    Yes. When I rang I was told I would just pay the 25% deposit, £52.12, the balance to paid on arrival. That is what has been deducted from my credit card.