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  1. Hall 5 was used for Collectormania 25 Film & Comic Con in June 2018.
  2. Sadly, it has been reported on her website, https://www.fenellafielding.com It's hard to imagine, but that bright twinkling star faded slowly and has actually gone out. Since her stroke on 25th August, Fenella has been in hospital where she remained calm, comfortable and divine throughout. It's been an incredibly sad time, but also life affirming to see her pass with the great dignity she deserved. To quote Fenella's GP, "I have known her for 30 years and she would wish to take a graceful bow and leave the stage like the lady she is." She did just that. Fenella Fielding OBE passed away this afternoon peacefully. She died with her eyelashes on! Miss Fielding was an incredible talent. That voice! A unique woman, much loved by family, friends and fans. She will be missed tremendously.
  3. The wording for the Diamond Pass states: 1 x Guaranteed in-person autograph with Natalie Dormer. This can be on either your own personal item or a 10x8 supplied by us. (This can be collected on Saturday or Sunday) No virtual queue ticket is required; however Diamond Pass Holders will be called by number. Your number can be found on your pass. I went to her line first thing on Saturday and got my autograph.
  4. The Autograph prices are now on the website: http://destinationstartrek.com/highlights/autographs
  5. Well, much later and it literally will be after the event!!!
  6. Looking forward to release of a further batch as waiting to buy photoshoot, either Saturday or Sunday please.
  7. Yep. Watched the two seasons that were shown on BBC.I met John Sheckley at a Star Trek convention in Liverpool.
  8. Started out as just an OUAT fan but watched Grimm and now love both.
  9. Like others, I am waiting for more guest announcements before booking.
  10. I had a very enjoyable weekend, the guests were very friendly and it all went so smoothly. So sad that it is the last one. Thanks for a fun weekend!
  11. He is doing another convention in London at the end of September
  12. Poor, slow and tedious. I gave up at the end of season one.
  13. Met her once, very polite and friendly. Look forward to seeing her again.
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