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  1. chimmykins

    Hallowhedon 7 Cancellation

    About the gift, I've changed address since booking at Hallowhedon 7, who should I send my new address too...?
  2. chimmykins

    Hallowhedon 7 Cancellation

    Really sad to hear this :-(
  3. chimmykins

    Guest Suggestions...go!

    Another repeat guest I'd like to see again: Mark Lutz
  4. chimmykins

    Guest Suggestions...go!

    Seeing a lot of requests for James Leary! :-)
  5. chimmykins

    Guest Suggestions...go!

    Was finally able to reset the password for my old account! ^^^ This! (Above post was me)
  6. chimmykins

    Who was that person thread

    Who was the girl Saturday morning dressed as Kristoff from Frozen, giving out high fives and free carrots?? Loved her, definitely kept us entertained. Got a photo with her and Sven.
  7. chimmykins

    Ian McDiarmid - Sunday

    He was lovely, really took time with everyone. I met him just after his 1st photo shoot and he apologised for keeping me waiting(! Lol), had a quick chat and even asked if I wanted my name on it. Very happy :)
  8. chimmykins

    TJ Thyne Appreciation thread....

    Would LOVE a Bones con!
  9. chimmykins

    TJ Thyne Appreciation thread....

    I got a centipeded when I met him on Friday and a grub / caterpillar when I went on Saturday to have my photo shoot signed and for my sister to meet him - she got a fly.
  10. chimmykins

    TJ Thyne Appreciation thread....

    He was amazing, really made the weekend for me and took his time with everyone. Hope SM can get him back again :)
  11. chimmykins

    Rules on weapons being signed?

    Thanks Too Tall, will do so :)
  12. chimmykins

    Rules on weapons being signed?

    Hey all, I have a slayer's sythe that I was thinking of getting Sarah to sign. Are there any rules on this? Thanks, Kim :)
  13. chimmykins

    Party Themes - What do you want?

    Era parties & Something wolf/quileute themed would be great :)
  14. chimmykins

    Hallowhedon 5 - thoughts on the new con 'set up'

    For the past Hallowhedon's I've always bought my ticket on Sunday morning (been to all 4), but the announcement put me off and I went home ticketless. I will more than likely go, but I will wait on a first guest or two (yes, I know they cancel). Really enjoy the HW's and they're my fave con of the year.
  15. chimmykins

    Hallowhedon 5 - Will you be going?

    Same! I was set to buy a ticket & upgrade to Gold but now I don't know.