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  1. About the gift, I've changed address since booking at Hallowhedon 7, who should I send my new address too...?
  2. Another repeat guest I'd like to see again: Mark Lutz
  3. Seeing a lot of requests for James Leary! :-)
  4. Was finally able to reset the password for my old account! ^^^ This! (Above post was me)
  5. Who was the girl Saturday morning dressed as Kristoff from Frozen, giving out high fives and free carrots?? Loved her, definitely kept us entertained. Got a photo with her and Sven.
  6. He was lovely, really took time with everyone. I met him just after his 1st photo shoot and he apologised for keeping me waiting(! Lol), had a quick chat and even asked if I wanted my name on it. Very happy :)
  7. I got a centipeded when I met him on Friday and a grub / caterpillar when I went on Saturday to have my photo shoot signed and for my sister to meet him - she got a fly.
  8. He was amazing, really made the weekend for me and took his time with everyone. Hope SM can get him back again :)
  9. Hey all, I have a slayer's sythe that I was thinking of getting Sarah to sign. Are there any rules on this? Thanks, Kim :)
  10. Era parties & Something wolf/quileute themed would be great :)
  11. For the past Hallowhedon's I've always bought my ticket on Sunday morning (been to all 4), but the announcement put me off and I went home ticketless. I will more than likely go, but I will wait on a first guest or two (yes, I know they cancel). Really enjoy the HW's and they're my fave con of the year.
  12. Same! I was set to buy a ticket & upgrade to Gold but now I don't know.
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