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  1. Any idea on the Doctor Who stories?
  2. TerraHawk

    Guest Announcement

    Who was it then?
  3. TerraHawk

    Colin Baker

    That's what we used to do. I could see by how Peter spends time doing doodles etc for fans overseas he wouldn't be one to be rushed. Still its interesting all the pre-orders for the Doctors appeared to get signed. So getting the pre-ordered autographs took priority over virtual, and as it was a close thing for some diamond holders, pre-orders must have got done ahead of some of them too.
  4. TerraHawk

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    I'd love to see the rest of The Space Pirates.
  5. TerraHawk

    Twice Upon A Time

    Pointless really, It wasn’t shot in 4K, it’s just upscaled.
  6. Well never mind if people miss things they've already paid for because they are stuck in other queues, it's only their money after all. Of course the more efficient the queues are, and the less time wasted, the more chance people have to spend money. That's not a bad thing, is it?
  7. You wouldn't need constant updates, just a round up once ever 20-30 minutes. If it kept 25% away from the queues until their turn it would be easier for you to get to the boards to check.
  8. TerraHawk

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    And of course in this case that still wouldn't have meant VQ 1-10 would have got their chance either, the guest would have just signed 10 less things.
  9. TerraHawk

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    It's something of a black market, and a catch 22. Fans want the auto of a new big time actor and are prepared to pay, someone will take advantage and sell to them. Actor then sees someone is profiting then refuses to sign, so those already signed are a rarity and shoot up in value. Dealers then try harder, its become worth their while. At least at an event the actors are compensated for their time. Limit them to 5 items they just bring 4 friends. Line is even slower. James Earl Jones is apparently happy to sign a few for free, the more he signs the less they are worth. But unless you are lucky enough to meet him you're back to relying on a dealer again. If Chris was fed up with dealers, are we sure they weren't for Showmasters Sales - the preorders. He's bound to have been a popular sale, and the £5 on top regular price is hardly anything when a guest is that much to start with. And they will already have paid.
  10. TerraHawk

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    We aren't allowed to talk guest fees but do some basic maths, the Star Wars extras aren't going likely to be on a lot. You only need one or two dealers getting 50 items and that's probably paid for them*. The rest is pure profit. Since some people will get posters, DVD covers, books, cards, figures, they don't need to be busy all day to make it worth their while. Otherwise they wouldn't try so hard to get new names. Every time I think there can't possibly be any more to get they seem to dig out a few; but the fact they seem to be getting non-UK guests now (which can cost more) I do think we are getting towards the end now, at least for me. I had a funny experience with my Star Wars autos at the event. I only get a book signed and thought Mike Quinn had signed it 20 years ago, I must have met him. But looking, seems he never had. Until Sunday. * so the dealers have their uses. Obviously an app would make a lot of sense, but lets face it they've only had QR codes a few years, they seem to be a decade behind. I'd like to make a suggestion actually, a sort of compromise, a way of providing the info on the cheap. How about a dedicated twitter account for number status- A showmasters live perhaps. Only need a few people to keep revising the numbers, its basic info that would be probably be logged anyway in any other business.
  11. TerraHawk

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    Funky pops and Fudge, I think there were at least three Fudge stalls. I didn’t see (or didn’t find at least) anyone selling Blu-rays and only a handful of DVDs which was unusual. Had a few I was after, guess I’ll hit eBay instead. Seems whenever I take spending money to buy merch, there’s none, if I don’t have the cash there’s loads.
  12. TerraHawk


    5 then a box for other. Not sure I've ever seen it enforced for the guests I get. And then there's the red organisers tickets.
  13. TerraHawk


    I don't see why they can't, when they are perfectly happy to retweet traders who say they are going
  14. TerraHawk

    Step counts?

    14.3km on Friday.