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  1. I have some pretty obscure ones signed. It’s always the last thing the actors and writers expect to see. They even sometimes say it’s the first one they’ve signed. like Ben Aaronovitch and Steven Moffat on the Bernice Summerfield Treasury, Marina on the Martha Jones, and The Inbetweeners on theirs. and one of the first things I got David Tennant to sign was Colditz. Think I have the full cast on that. I don’t get everyone on everything anymore though. Whilst I might have Trevor and Chris on every series of Jago and Litefoot that they could sign, and Sophie on pretty much every story she’s been in, one River cover signed by Alex is enough. I still got about 5 things signed by her last time.
  2. I didn’t have an unpleasant experience with him, just a weird one. I was running late, arrived about lunchtime but wasn’t too worried as he was there the next day, but as I passed his table there was no one there. I assumed he was stopping for lunch, but no, he was just there on his phone waiting for the next person. in 20 years I’ve never found it that easy getting a current cast member, needed a VT for nearly all of them. I’ve had longer queues for Star Wars extras. I then joined the queue next to him for Camile. I won’t be there this weekend, I’ve done all the summer events since 2006, but there was no one of major interest to me this time round. I did consider just doing Friday, but between the trains and my health it’s not worth the agro. Got enough Ewoks.
  3. There haven't been a huge amount of Who writers on the YALC floor before, the only ones I needed were Juno Dawson and Alistair Reynolds.
  4. Yes I think he's done one or two there before. You know Chris Matthews at the London Film Fair this weekend is Star Wars (New Hope) and Tenth Planet don't you?
  5. Anneke sells signed DVDs and other things on her official website.
  6. In theory you could use 220 50 pence pieces for a Chris Lloyd auto and I'm not sure they can refuse you.
  7. Do we know which Doctor Who stories she's in? Be a help to narrow it down a little!
  8. Seated events are a bit different - you can space out the seats and you know everyone will spend most of the time in those seats. Could even have screens between seats. You can operate a one way system to limit any bottlenecks and queues. You can tell people to arrive at a set time and there’s no advantage to being early. most of that could not work with a comic con. A small signing with a handful of attendees in the building at one time could just about cope as well as a shop. At a comic con you are queuing to join a queue. The further back you are the more you miss out. If you have an 11am photoshoot (for which times won’t be live until a week before) you need to be in by 10:50. But at least with schedules you can make plans and prepare - the autograph side is still a free for all. Preselling autographs could solve some of those uncertainties. If people could strictly follow rules. But if there’s one thing we’ve noticed over the past year, it’s not our strongest point. And you’ve also got guest availability; $$$$$ for a long weekend is off the cards if you’re looking at a week’s quarantine either side. finally, looking at private signings certain guests aren’t getting any cheaper. Even working from home. If an event had to sell 1000 photos to pay for a guest and they can only sell 500 would you pay double the price to stand on the other side of screen? I’m curious to see how such challenges will be approached.
  9. Also a lot of them have presumably already paid. For a big event expecting a large crowd. If you then get a small event and a small crowd surely you’d expect a (partial) refund. Even the first postponement meant ticket holders would have been paying summer prices for a full venue then got a smaller winter event for the same price. there’s also the problem that anyone who bought a ticket for last summer can still decide they’d rather have the refund afterwards. If the event was limited to say 5000 and that number are sold; 1000 could still decide against going and it’s even further under capacity.
  10. They’ll going to face a problem next year that’s normally laughed away. every year when a guest pulls out someone will say I was only going for them, I won’t go so I want my entry ticket refunded. no can do, you booked that for the event, not the guest. this time there’s a comeback - no I booked for 2020, not 2021. I’ll have my refund. since you can literally decide on the day, they’ve given far more power back to the customer.
  11. I think the longer we go without it being cancelled is going to make people a lot more hesitant about booking in the future. if you were told you had to self isolate the week before the event are you supposed to just write the costs off?
  12. Well the original event was moved Seven weeks prior to the planned date. We’re now at Six weeks. Technically, it’s still happening.
  13. Have to say, not having done an event for 7 months now I’m not sure I really miss it. i was going to sit out Winter anyway, possibly Spring. I might even qualify for the medical badge now after an unexpected last two months. Bank balance is a lot more healthy though.
  14. That’s assuming no one else had already booked a hall for November, only 4 weeks before Xmas. And even before the postponement Jason was saying Summer would be smaller than usual to help accommodate other events that lost March to June bookings, so they might still be looking space in November. Personally I can’t see me attending for the next 18 months - Even assuming the trains get back to normal and Hotels don’t jack up their prices I’m not sure I’d find the risk worthwhile. my bank account is looking a lot more healthy without events too. I could get used to that...
  15. We're pretty safe in Devon. Considering how close I was to having a cosplayer sneezing on me at the Spring event, I think I'll give the summer event a miss this year.
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