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  1. Thanks, I have emailed them this evening. Xx
  2. Hello A friend of mine got a photoshoot ticket for summer glau on the Saturday, but is unable to make it on the Saturday now, he would like to know if he could swap it for a Friday photoshoot, so he doesn't miss out. Any help appreciated if anyone has been in a similar position. Kind regards
  3. It's paid work, so I'm guessing the guests would choose work over football? Besides the event will be over by then (and judging by this awesome line up, I don't think the fact it's the final has put anyone off!!) you never know, if and I stress 'if' England did get through to the final, imagine the buzz on the Sunday!! I personally will be nursing a hangover from my birthday shindig on Saturday, so will be under a duvet all day and night probably !!
  4. Here is mine, hoping to add the avengers A on there at some point, along with firefly!!
  5. They used to have an early bird family ticket, not children ones (as far as my memory serves me) we used to get them and bring two of our children but since they do not have this option, we cannot not afford this anymore, we were all set not to come but since the BSG guests were announced, we decided to attend on the Friday, just meself and husband, £12 that's all it cost instead of £60 it would have cost us before we even did anything, we still even might take the kids (it's my birthday on the Saturday and wanted adult comic con time) it used to cost half of that. Bring it back please!!
  6. Well I know the guy in the top photo is Joey Indiana Peter Green!! Xx
  7. We put a thread up on here when we stayed three years ago, we had a group of about fifteen of us descended on the hotel bar and we had a blast, loads of people that didn't know each other, all having a laugh and a drink (or several ahem!). Brilliant!! Why arnt we going this year?!!!
  8. I haven't purchased any tickets since last yr so wasn't aware that payments are now made instantly...I was very happy to find the money gone from my account straight away, so thank you xx
  9. I have booked my photoshoot with him on the Friday!!! I am very excited by this, even more excited than I was when I met Norman Reedus!!
  10. Sorry guys if this is old news, I am looking to attend on Friday night, do I need to preorder entry tickets? I couldn't see it on the store (probably blind!!) also, how much are they? Sorry again if you are repeating yourself x
  11. Oh my god!!! We wasn't going but we are now!!! It's my birthday on the Saturday!!! Thank you!!!
  12. Hi there On Saturday 2nd November, my charity Autism All Stars in Kent are entering Edenbridge Fireworks Parade and we have a good selection of cosplayers coming, mostly doctor who at the moment but we are looking for more movie related cosplayers now, we have five star cars coming too (KITT, barricade, dorloren, dels van and the bluesmobile). We have a 28ft float, the cars and a walking party, so we are going to be a huge entry but we need your help!!. Free food, drink and entry to the fireworks for everyone that attends. Pm me for details x
  13. Hi and thank you, I have sent you the email now, it wasnt from the hotmail address but the official address for our charity, either way you have it now x
  14. Unfortunately I still have not a reply to my email I sent.
  15. I am keeping my fingers crossed we will hear back soon (it's like waiting for the royal baby!)
  16. Hi sassy, yes we are, we help children, teenagers and adults and we see the positive side of autism and focus on everyone's talents and use those talents in the activities we do, if your good at painting, we give you paint, if your good at singing, we give you a microphone! X
  17. Hi, we are part Autism All Stars, we are a registered charity and we were looking to have a table for winter comic con, we hold a lot of events over the year with cosplayers and we are looking to have our own Autism All Stars Cosplay Group (name TBC!) and we would like to recruit at the event, raise awareness of our charity and raise some money, we was wondering if the standard fee still applies for charities? Thank you in advance, we have emailed but was wondering if anyone had any info here until Monday. Thanks, Alison and Andrew, kent branch managers.
  18. Personally having a con at earls court is awful, prefer Olympia anyday, better lighting!!
  19. Personally speaking, as someone who can't afford talks (as we go as a family, £10 upwards per person, just isn't douable) this is a great idea but I have a feeling they would still be charged for, which I wouldn't mind paying for if it was say a small fee, not ten pounds upwards etc. In my case, it wouldn't be "I'm not buying a ticket I can get it on transcript later", personally, you can't beat a actual talk, transcript wouldn't be the same but it would be cool to be part of it afterwards. On the other hand though, David is most likely correct, if the guest knew their would be a written account later, they may think twice about their answers.
  20. Avery brooks was awesome, he was especially fond of my sons friend, Luke, he just kept saying "Luke" to him, don't know if it's special to him or not.
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