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  1. Any chance American football legend and actor Jim Brown could come to a convention? Would be awesome. Anyone else agree?
  2. Amazing guest, Showmasters. You've really outdone yourself this time.
  3. Michael J. Fox is an amazing announcement. Kind of surprised we were told it's not a guest we would think it could be, since we've had about 100 people guessing it's him. Glad for everyone who is going to meet this amazing person who is such an inspiration!
  4. If it's Clint Eastwood, I'll sell my house and everything in it - including my wife.
  5. George Takei! It's been a few years since he was here last time (2009, I believe.) He's the only one I have left to meet from the Original Series main cast.
  6. He was indeed awesome. Regret only getting one autograph from him. GET HIM BACK!
  7. Thanks for all the help. We've bought tickets to Milton Keynes Coachway. Are there usually taxi's at the bus stop, or do we have to call one ourselves? Will there be a number accessible at the place if we need to call one?
  8. Then you can imagine how relieved I am, since she's the sole reason I'm going there for Sure, I'm meeting Routh and Michael Dorn as well, but only because they are at the same event. Nichelle is what made me book my flight and I can't wait to finally meet her
  9. I'm very happy to see that Nichelle Nichols won't be cancelling at the last minute as she's taken off from LA according to her Twitter Nichelle Nichols ‏@RealNichelle About to take off from LAX - headed to London, then on to Collectormania Milton Keys! Hope to see you there!collectormania.com/miltonkeynes/
  10. Well ain't that typical. I bet it'll rain as well.
  11. So those who aren't going to the party can't ride in the A-Team van?
  12. Sounds like fun, I'll be sure to have my photo taken with you guys.
  13. I always bring my own photos to prevent something like this happening, but I've looked on and off for almost six months for a good Uhura pic from the original series and have come up with NOTHING. So I have to rely on there being a good amount to choose from at the event. I did get my hands on an 8x10 of her from the TOS movie era, so I can compare the pictures to that one if necessary.
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