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  1. Cynthia is a goddess, and incredibly underrated. She's easily as important as JCVD, the difference being she didn't get a shot as a leading lady in a major large budget movie. She's very similar to Steve James in that regard - had as much charisma and ability as anyone working at that time, but never got a real shot at the big time. Very excited to meet her - the first time I saw one of her movies I was 11 years old. She's both beautiful and badass. Well done, Showmasters, you've done a great thing here, I'll be asking her to sign multiple items for sure. I even have a factory sealed copy of China O'Brien on VHS, which I will bring along.
  2. Woah. I am REALLY interested. But £295? That's a lot. Will have to think on this.
  3. This is great news. I am now 100% coming. I met Marc like nearly 20 years ago at one of the Milton Keynes events, he was fantastic.
  4. So, having bought a diamond pass for my daughter, for Matt Smith, I wanted to drop a few bits of feedback. First, extremely helpful people. Everyone went the extra mile. Thank you to all of the staff. Couldn't fault anyone. She pointed this out as her biggest plus of the day (besides meeting Matt) - quote "the people are all so friendly." So, great job everyone. I'd also say that the organization of the event was a *notable* step up. The summer event was carnage - this was much better. Lastly, Matt Smith himself was great - very kind, took a moment with everyone, and he remembered my daughter for the photoshoot - must be a very difficult and busy day, and he nailed it. She was absolutely over the moon to meet 'her Doctor'. So top marks all. Obviously this is no longer a cheap hobby, but overall it was a great experience, so well done. Look forward to next year, and happy to reach deep for the right guests next time.
  5. Morning all. Question on the diamond pass - is there an option to add the extra £10, to upgrade the diamond pass standard photo shoot to a green screen photo shoot?Thank you!
  6. Hi all - at the summer film and comic con, there was a very impressive stall, dealing in swords - including the Atlantean, Aragorn's sword, etc. Does anyone know how to contact them? I had several hundred pounds burning a hole in my pocket, and for whatever reason didn't get back to them, which I now regret!
  7. £235... Oooof. Just so I'm clear - can I add a further £10 to that, to make it 1 x auto, and 1 x green screen Doctor Who photoshoot?
  8. This is puzzling, I agree. I have a lot of time for Singer - which you can probably tell from my forum name. I was actually AT that 2006 Collectormania - he signed an 8 x 10 for me, I remember clearly talking to him about diving in Monterey. Would be great if he came back. I'd love him to sign a Beastmaster poster for me.
  9. This is definitely a very different company to what I remember from 2005-2010. Anyway - it's their forum, they have every right to delete whatever they want to. So.... OK. If a guest I want to meet turns up, I'll get a diamond pass, or a platinum pass, or whatever else. I can afford pretty much whatever they want to charge, to be honest. It's fine. But SM - if you expect me to pay top dollar, you'd better get your sh*t together. I'm willing to pay a lot of money, but I don't expect what I saw on Saturday.
  10. Nice - I may well come out of retirement to meet her and Henry Thomas :)
  11. I appreciate the amazing wishful thinking on the part of some folks, but consider this: Do you think enough people would come to make the event worthwhile? Do you think the event would get insured? What would be the optics of such an event going forward, even if it were permitted? And most importantly: How many of the guests do you seriously think would fly over for this event? I can understand, for a lot of reasons, why SM haven't posted an update. But honestly, I don't think anyone's in any doubt about what's going to happen here. If I were you I'd call the hotel and make sure your booking is refundable.
  12. To be clear, I do not speak for anyone at Showmasters, I have no inside information, and this is purely my own educated opinion. With that out of the way, I think that the chances of this going ahead, at this point, are very slim. I'm not saying zero, but I would absolutely shocked if it does. If I were you, I would not be booking any travel or hotels.
  13. Seems clear that there is no way this event is going ahead. There's just no way it's going to happen. Shame, because it would be the first time I've been back in a long while.
  14. This is precisely correct. I'd suggest SM are in a difficult position here, as is any other company who runs an event in the near future.
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