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  1. MikeDonovan

    Latest Guest Announcement - NICK CASTLE

    I had already met them before, some time ago :) However, I have to say, Catherine Mary Stuart still looks just about fine to me at 60!
  2. MikeDonovan

    Latest Guest Announcement - NICK CASTLE

    I got there in the end - was very pleased to meet him, because Last Starfighter was an extremely important film to me as a kid. It was worth the wait. So first of all, yes of course he's on a VQ system - when I said there was a long wait, I didn't mean standing in a queue! Showmasters are generally very good at organization, and this is no exception. Secondly, I think the reason why the wait is so long is twofold. First, he spends in general a fair time with each person, talking, and connecting. And that's a good thing. But second, he's rather more popular than I think SM anticipated. my unscientific theory is that about 95% of his queue wants to meet him for Halloween, and with the new sequel out, I guess his name is big again. TLDR - If you're looking to meet him tomorrow, I would strongly recommend getting there as quickly as you possibly can to get your VQ ticket. I'm sure it will be 10x as busy tomorrow!
  3. MikeDonovan

    Latest Guest Announcement - NICK CASTLE

    He's the only reason why I'm here, and it's four hours waiting time so far - and it's Friday. God knows what it will be like tomorrow. I haven't been here for quite a few years, but it's clear to me this event is now almost pointless without Diamond / Gold passes. I didn't buy one because I never expected to have to wait 4 or 5 hours to meet Nick Castle - next time, I'll know better :) In the meantime, I've essentially had to write off the entire day - but he will sign my Last Starfighter poster if it kills me.
  4. MikeDonovan

    Latest Guest Announcement - MEAT LOAF

    So I guess this is what it would take for me to come back! I shall be there. For those asking about Bat Out Of Hell, I'd be extremely, extremely surprised if he refused to sign it. I'll be bringing vinyls of BOOH and BOOH II, along with a vinyl of Rocky Horror. However, just like someone like Patrick Stewart, if you brought him someone else, I think he'd be really interested to see it. BOOH and BOOH II are without question the pinaccles of his career, but I've occasionally enjoyed some of his other work - Hang Cool Teddy Bear wasn't bad, for example.
  5. MikeDonovan

    Latest Guest Announcement - LEA THOMPSON

    This time I will not miss her. Good call SM.
  6. MikeDonovan

    So you want to meet a Cosplayer

    Blimey... I met her too, but didn't who she was. Have just finished a quick googling session. Thanks for the heads up :)
  7. Fortunately I had already met her at a previous con. Lance Guest signed my Last Starfighter one sheet today, over the moon with it. Now just get Nick Castle - PLEASE!
  8. MikeDonovan

    Buying Tickets On The Door

    In the old world, I would have agreed with you. I've been going to these shows almost as long as the inestimable Count, and I've never seen a problem on the door... until this year. Getting told to sod off with two kids in tow was not a great experience!
  9. For one reason or another, I've left it too late to buy in advance it seems. Is there genuinely any point in turning up on the door? Last LFACC I was turned away on the Saturday, and couldn't even buy a ticket for the Sunday. So, realistically, is there any point to turning up to this - or should I just chalk it up to experience, and not come back again unless I buy a gold pass?
  10. Alright. I was one of the ones turned away on Saturday, which I wasn't over the moon about at all - particularly when I wasn't even allowed to buy a ticket for Sunday. However, I do get the challenges you're dealing with about the numbers - and next year it will probably be worse. I will come back, but realistically I would be wary of doing it unless I had a gold pass. Right now I plan to come along in October to meet Lance Guest, and I wouldn't have thought I will need one to do that - but in this new world who knows? One or two more guests and I wouldn't even bother turning up with a normal ticket. With all this said, I sincerely hope the expansion continues - you've done great things over the years, and I hope that carries on. And just to make it clear, there is almost no price I wouldn't pay to meet Harrison Ford.
  11. MikeDonovan

    Yet another Stan Lee question....

    Turned away, not even allowed to queue to buy a ticket for tomorrow. I think this is the last time I bother with LFCC - it's now totally out of control, and unless you buy a gold pass there's pretty much no point in turning up.
  12. MikeDonovan

    Yet another Stan Lee question....

    Yes, but you would need to do so at the sales desk, not at the entrance. The only thing available on the day only are standard tickets for tomorrow. Right - so if I've understood you correctly, if I turn up on Saturday, I would have to wait until 11 to get in... but once I got in, I could go to the sales desk, and buy an early bird ticket for Sunday? Thanks Mike
  13. MikeDonovan

    Yet another Stan Lee question....

    Oh so you can still buy early bird tickets for Sunday, on Saturday? Ok that would work just fine - thanks QS!
  14. So I've screwed up a bit this year, and didn't buy an advance ticket or a gold pass. So.... I'm thinking my best bet to be able to meet Stan Lee is to turn up on Saturday, buy a two day ticket, then turn up ultra-early on Sunday. Is this still possible? Are the two day tickets that you would buy on Saturday non-early bird tickets (i.e. that mean you'd have to wait until 10AM, in which case I'm toast)? Many thanks!
  15. MikeDonovan

    Latest guest announcement - KAREN ALLEN

    I've got Paul on my Raiders one sheet - met him twice - once at an SM event, and once at a film screening of the Raiders Adaption. Nice guy. I think now the only realistic signature I've got left to get is Alison Doody. Sadly, Ford, Connery, Spielberg, Lucas & Williams are almost certainly out of the realms of possibility - and for obvious reasons that probably goes for Kate Capshaw too