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  1. Small print on the Diamond Pass: "Tom will not be signing memorabilia for/discussing Back to the Future" Is that a joke? Surely someone would not attend a convention who is famous for one role, charge a large fee snd refuse to sign or discuss said role!!! You Sir must be pulling my leg? i just read the small print and didnt see it. think meant to be a joke... meant to be being the word. Lol thank goodness! What a prankster
  2. Okay I double posted! Can a mod delete one? Sorry
  3. I have been attending Showmasters events since 2008. Glasgow has vastly improved and the guests are getting better and better! Some complaints... The venue is too small, I was disheartened to see its back at Braehead next year. I might spend more money if I could actually see the stalls!!! The guest area, its a good idea but because of the layout its a bit of a cut off area and felt very quiet for the guests. The hall was hot this year snd the BO was bad!! Talk stage needs to be improved. Positives! Some great guests! Crew were excellent! Eventbright work
  4. Lost Boys is 30 years old next year. Would love Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric, Corey Feldman, Jamie Gertz and Alex Winter
  5. I cant echo this enough!!! Night and day from last year! I had a great time, everything worked like clock work and it was a pleasure to attend. Last year my wife said she would never attend the Con again. I convinced her to give it one more chance and we had the best day ever! Great Con, great layout, great organization and amazing guests!!!!! Thank you Showmasters. You are at the top of your game
  6. I am attending Sunday only from Glasgow.( couldnt get off work for the whole weekend) I have entry tickets and a diamond pass for my wife and I for Jeremy Renner. Am I right in thinking that I have to queue in the main queue to gain entry and then once in join a second queue? If so, will this queue not be rather lengthy due to the number of Diamond guests at the event and queuing for this could cause me to miss other photo shoots I have booked as they start early! Almost missed Bill Paxton last year. I am suprised and disappointed that after paying a lot of cash for the Diamon
  7. Sorry if this has been asked already. Do diamond passes have a different entry queue like gold or do you join the regular queue? Again sorry if this has already been asked
  8. Yep I am an 80s boy aswell and there has been some fantastic announcments so far!! Really looking forward to this. Now get Steve Guttenburg and Daryl Hannah and I will be a very happy geek
  9. Count me in! Great guest! Quite the line up for Glasgow so far!
  10. Unbelievable!!!! Best Glasgow announcement for me Ever!!!! Thanks guys
  11. Awww Showmasters!!! How could you not of mentioned Innerspace in the list of credits?? 80s classic and Vernon had a great role in it
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