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  1. Will LFCC Spring replace Collectormania Milton Keynes?
  2. Etihad Stadium- Home of Manchester City
  3. How about a show in Blackpool, great night life to go with an awesome con. We have the south covered in London, Middle in Milton Keynes and far north in Glasgow. Plus it's impossible to get lost going to Blackpool 99.9% of people know where it is!!
  4. I agree with Naurarwen, these choices are difficult to make. I would love to meet all of the above mentioned guests.
  5. Name: Paul Age (if you want to): 26 by ET6 Where you are from: Everyones favourite destinaton... Blackpool ETs attended: 3,4 5 and Bham Proms Interests: Cosplaying Emmett Cullen Attending on your own or with others: with the other resident Cullens
  6. Burping and farting contest at ET6 then. xD
  7. Ahh a girl free zone.. beer and xbox anyone?
  8. Not to sound stupid or anything but who is/are Plan B? But will look into it/them etc
  9. As usual Emmett will be there too!! As to what Im wearing well, you had better ask Naurarwen!
  10. Just for a change I'll be Emmett. Will more than likely have : Emmett cafetria,birthday and baseball too
  11. The whole thing started over her tryin to hit me with her car keys several times, to which i tried to restrain her, to get her to pack it in. Also she tries to hit me with something everytime I see her, but as soon I grab her to get her to stop. She shouts quits like a big kid. The girl was totally out of order, I pushed her backward to get her away from both of us, to try to calm the situation down.
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