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  1. He was indeed a Gentleman and a great person to have had the privilege to spend a few moments of your life with.
  2. They’ve both been done for a number of years but the schedules were in better locations than sometimes/had more space around them for folk to stop and look. They are also on A0 (I think) size, which although hikes the print cost for SM is much appreciated as they are much clearer.
  3. I’ve also made all of these suggestions a few times, on here and in person. I don’t like megaphones as a first choice either, but the point is that if the chosen method is to use voice, then the voices need to be able to be heard, thus louder, thus megaphone. The other thing would be big (and I mean big) ‘Golf Sale’ style placards on sticks with the name and number written on, and held by the queue pusher at the back of the line, Thus showing where the end of the line is/where the queue is cut. SM have made some of the signage bigger over time (photo areas in particular) and st
  4. Indeed thanks from me too. Sah who was Pit Bossing Photo E all day and the queue organiser/pusher in Photo C (was it Ky or Kyle maybe) were awesome and so professional, polite, kind and genuinely interested. Thank you.
  5. Probably not a question for the forum, but I’m not at the event until tomorrow. I was just wondering whether there will have been time to get 10x8’s to the show for David to sign as he’s a last minute announcement, or would it be a case of best to bring your own, if indeed you can find one? I’m guessing there’ll be some available, even if perhaps a reduced range to before, does that sound reasonable/likely?
  6. Fab, thanks both for all your help. will prob go for the standard shoot.
  7. That’s what I originally thought. so just to clarify, are the Diamond Passes labelled as Friday, Saturday, Sunday then? In the past they’d all looked the same I thought.... in which case, if I ordered the pass and selected Friday, but then turned up on Sunday, how would they know that was wrong? (Not saying that’s what I’m going to do). Im probably being really dense, so apologies.
  8. Thanks for advice, I wasn’t understanding that you get a physical photo shoot ticket separate to the DP, I thought the DP itself was punched/endorsed when you cashed in each component and picked up your bits and pieces, hence I wasn’t sure the days. Makes sense now. Thanks.
  9. Friday. It’s the Sunday I was after. Thanks though.
  10. Hi, I’m trying to order a DP for a Jason but the only day available to choose for the included photo is Friday, however I’m only at the show on the Sunday, and there are still standard Sunday photo ops available with Jason in the shop. I’m confused.
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