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  1. I forgot to ask him about his guest role in Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia dammit >_<
  2. The only other guest I would have wanted to meet was Robert Knepper, simply because I thought he was great in Prison Break. I didn't really want anything signed though so missed him out. I would have gone to the talks but they were all pretty late on in the day.
  3. I've gone off getting photos a bit, didn't get any at this show...at the desk or photo-sessions. I'd rather just have the auto of a guest I could put on a poster and eventually display somewhere, although I'm sure there are some guests I would just get a photo with since I don't have anything to get signed.
  4. Duncan Jones - Director of Moon and Source Code. Keith David - Pitch Black, The Thing, Platoon and a whole load of voice work! Roger Deakins - Academy award winning cinematographer. Best known for his work on the Coen brothers films.
  5. Need to pay for autos and photo-shoots, but no need to VT and you get let in first at photo-shoots. I think you get free access to the paid talks, unless that has changed.
  6. Good to know that the bigger guests were a success (in terms of the increased pricing anyway) so it is something we are likely to see again. Now about Ian Holm... *wink, nudge etc...*
  7. Anyone get any nice/interesting dedications or quotes along with their autographs? Here are mine: Trevor Steedman signed my Aliens poster and added his character name. Veronica Cartwright signed my Alien poster and added her character name. Wrote 'best always' on a separate Alien 8x10 with character name too. Michael Bailey Smith wrote "Its Breakfast Time!" on my The Hills Have Eyes poster and added his character name 'Pluto'. Tom Sizemore put a quote on my Grand Theft Auto: Vice City poster..."Wherever I go, people die...all of them...I hope!" The best thing was I didn't ask for any quotes on my posters so really made it a lot more satisfying that the guests asked if they could add stuff to it! What did everyone else get?
  8. Just looking forward to the next one, and hoping the line-ups keep on improving... And yes my feet were killing me by the end of the weekend!
  9. I thought he was one of the nicest guests I've met, really cool and talkative, my experience from another thread... "...I wasn't sure what to expect from Tom Sizemore but he was awesome. I had a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City poster for him to sign in which he voiced the main bad guy. He asked what I wanted on it and since I couldn't remember any of the quotes I asked him if he could remember any. So he put 'Wherever I go ,people die. All of them...I hope!" which I thought was awesome from someone who does a lot of film work and has only voiced 2 videogames! Cool guy."
  10. Sounds hard to believe. I thought he was great.
  11. I'm convinced the main reason the line to buy tickets on Friday was moving so slowly was because a lot of people were paying by card which slowed everything down, I was even told to skip a few people as these people wanted to pay by card and I was paying cash. Would have been good to have noticeboards along both lines, on all days, marking which line was pre-paid and which one wasn't.
  12. Haha I thought I saw Jimmy Page on the platform at MK, pretty sure it wasn't him though. I've read about people seeing him at events before...
  13. Bought two t-shirts and got these signed... Alien poster and 8x10 (Veronica Cartwright) Aliens poster (Trevor Steedman) Back to the Future poster (Lea Thompson) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City poster (Tom Sizemore) The Hills Have Eyes poster (Michael Bailey Smith)
  14. Thanks to the crew member who managed to find the black and white portrait print of Veronica Cartwright from Alien after I went up to the table and there weren't any there. Would have been disappointed if I hadn't got that one signed so cheers!
  15. Incognito Comics usually sell the plastic 8X10 sleeves at the events for £1. I meant to buy one yesterday but couldn't find the stall on my way out... Not sure where you would get them outside of an event though.
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