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  1. As previously mentioned there is sometimes no opportunity to post a warning, with last nights announcements there may have been a last minute surge in ticket sales when there was no one at the office, gold passes are now the only entry option available I'm afraid. I've spent so much money that I can't fork out another couple hundred for a Gold Pass. If there any chance a few more weekend passes can be put on sale? Can you not buy a Friday and Sunday ticket? If you weren't sure you needed a 3 day ticket before today, surely you should be able to get what you want out of the diamond passes
  2. Guys can some provide me a list of who appeared in New Hope from the above list
  3. Help Required:- I'm defo getting Heroes - The World's Greatest Super Hero Creators Honor The World Greatest Heroes (9/11/2001) No: 1 But my next options are hard (All Dynamic Forces Certificated Already) avengers invaders variant edition - 1 signed by Alex Ross and Jim Kruegger avengers vs x-men -1 signed by John Romita Sr captain america hail hydra 1-5 signed by sERGIO cARIELLO carnage 1 of 5 signed by Clayton Crain emma frost 1 signed by Greg Horn excalibur 1 signed by Chris Claremont avengers assemble 1 - signed and remarked by Ken Haeser Daredevil 500 signed by Alex Ross
  4. Hi Jason hope your well its been awhile. I've just ordered a normal gold pass would like to change to the comic one if more become available . i've put this on my order. All the best for New Year and look forward to seeing you guys more. Richard
  5. should be right under that glass as got a gold pass
  6. Anybody know if olympia has a sheltered area at the front like earls court,
  7. I agree with you on this would be willing to pay those prices for all of them. Struggled to choose on the first 2
  8. Great lady met her and Monica a few times now and can't wait to meet them both again and for the hangover again.
  9. Dr Who Peter Davidson, Colin Baker, Tom Baker, Sylvestor McCoy (Same Day & Photo) Saved by the Bell Cast
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