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  1. Thank you ever so much for taking our pictures. My friend Simon is the blond guy and I'm the Lady Hawkeye with my friends,Sam and Paul as Daredevil and Elektra. I'll be posting a selection of my photos as soon as my photobucket behaves. Great photos everyone. That's awesome. I thought you looked familiar from other photos! My friend was so excited to see a Hawkeye cosplay. Also Simon's is the best Constantine cosplay I've seen, the cigarette was a nice touch Hi I'm the Elektra, was just wondering if you minded me "stealing" this picture to post on my page, with full credit of course. I'd be posting it on this page http://www.facebook.com/NaurarwenCosplay
  2. But yeah thank you thank you thank you!! Seriously faith in humanity restored!
  3. If this by any chance was diamond pass 216, found in Tescos then that was my mates. She didn't realise until about 10pm that it was missing when she sorted her bag for the next day. As you can image cue panic stations and us walking round to the Tescos to see if it had been handed in. We went to the info desk first thing this morning and got it sorted thank you. My friend is extremely grateful and I'm sure she will make herself known once myself, her brother and half the crew stopping ribbing her for it.
  4. So bar wearing Gretel from Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters for my Renner photo shoot I just realised I'm probably doing Marvel on Sat as Elektra (tv show version) and DC on Sunday as long as the costume is finished. The same happened last year I did Scarlet Witch one day and Arsenal the other day!
  5. I was literally just talking to an American friend about a book event in the States and she mentioned Maggie was going. I said I'd love for her to be at an event over her as she's one of the tops on my list. Realised I hadn't checked back on here recently to see if any authors had been announced and there her name is!
  6. Yes. That's explained in the first post. I had a similar question but think it got lost on page 6
  7. Okay might sound like a silly question, I spotted the YALC tickets have a separate entrance, I think it also said you got a goody bag if you had the YALC ticket "YALC ticketholders will also receive priority access to all YALC panels, and a YALC goody bag whilst stocks last." I was just wondering where you obtain the goody bag from as long as they are still in stock. Also is it necessary for me to go in at the YALC entrance on all days or can I go with my friends in the normal entrance. I understand I might have to go in that one on Friday to get the correct wristband etc but I only ask as I have a few health conditions and I'd prefer not to be separated from my partner for too long as he has a normal ticket and I have YALC.
  8. I'm on the group, won't be in a Harry Potter costume but will hopefully be coming by to get some pics of people! Just depends if I get change to change out of one costume into my other by then!
  9. Yes, he is doing just one slot of regular shoots per day. Thank you etmuse the print on my phone for that one was tiny and some of the names were blurring. Just wanted to make sure. I'm batch 5 which I think was the last batch so I'm presuming I'll be called a bit later on in the slot for that one. Good stuff!
  10. Just wanted to double check in case I somehow missed it as looking on my phone and it won't let me zoom in. Michael J Fox is only doing one regular shoot right? (I mean the cheaper shoot without the car or clock?)
  11. I quite like the buy back idea. I know a few people now who can't go for various reasons and would love to be able to get their money back and the tickets be sold on to someone who missed out, I've also seen problems with costume groups where they only get limited tickets (not SMs fault) but people have thought they were getting one of the limited tickets then haven't and have now missed out on the chance to get a ticket, another friend of mine one of her friend was meant to buy the tickets but someone told her friend they could buy on the door (they aren't on here or any of the facebook groups) and didn't know otherwise so didn't buy tickets hoping to walk up on the day. With a buy back system that would mean the people that geniunely missed out through no fault of their own could still get tickets. It would be a case of the original buyer specifying how many tickets they bought and how many they want to cancel (they may have bought for friends who can't go but they are still going), adding those back to the system which I presume would then give it a new code! Not saying that won't take time cause it will, and I'd implement a cut off date too cause it would take time to get them back on the system. Not sure however that I like the photos being added to tickets thing, as others have said thats a hard one for cosplayers, in real life I have short blonde/brown hair, blue eyes and wear glasses and wear a lot of hoodies, over the course of the LFCC weekend I will be wearing two dresses, have blue eyes two days red eyes another, have long blonde hair and long brown hair, be wearing glasses and not wearing glasses, or in the case of Sunday dressed like a man in a vigilante costume. There is no way I'm going to look anything like I normally would. Also I sometimes get the tickets for friends (helps save on postage/validation/etc) so if I had to upload pictures for myself, boyfriend and two friends would take forever as well as making sure I add the right names to the tickets.
  12. I've traveled on a train with all my weapons for Sweet Pea before and that included a shot gun, albeit a shot gun in two pieces cause its pretty huge but still. I ended up putting it in a horse riding bridal bag for transportation. As long as its inside a bag and no one can see into it you should be okay.
  13. At the Hotel Lily with friends but we've decided we're gonna grab a cab and walk back. Have stayed here before for Olympia and the cab fare between 4 of us was cheap enough when split and saved getting too hot in our costumes.
  14. I think this will be my final line up for LFCC, Scarlet Witch obviously isn't finished yet so no pic of her yet.
  15. I chose Aliens but if I could I'd have voted for 14 of the choices on that list lol. Its weird too as Vertical Limit was on tv the other night and I was thinking how awesome it would be to have him as a guest, and next minute he was announced!!!
  16. I'll be coming as Arsenal (Arrow) and Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) and my other half will be Slade Wilson (Arrow) and Nolan (Defiance)
  17. Queen Sindel I have a query regarding the tickets. I ordered mine a few days ago and even though I added the ticket validation it doesn't seem to have been added to my order and I haven't been charged for it. How do I go about getting this sorted. I have emailed the shop but I'm worried they might be busy and not get back to me before weekend.
  18. Completely ignore my previous comment I found the link lol
  19. Is this still happening Too Tall? If so is there a link?
  20. Anymore on upgrading normal LFCC tickets to YALC tickets???
  21. Oh I didn't realise the weekend ticket would be a wrist band this time. Thank god I read this lol or I'd have gotten there and been confused when someone tried to slap a wrist band on me lol
  22. Good to know thank you for the swift reply. Is there any way to upgrade a normal LFCC entry ticket to YALC if you have already purchased it?
  23. i see it says about buying tickets for it, does this now mean it costs more on top of what we pay for normal tickets? Also what if you have already bought your entry ticket, how do you upgrade? I saw on the tickets page the YALC full weekend ticket is £6 more but there there is a list of times. Do you only need to get the YALC ticket if we wanna go in that section between those times and then the rest of the event openings time its open for everyone. Sorry the wording on the ticket page is a bit confusing
  24. Starting to get plans a little bit more set in concrete now for LFCC. At the moment hoping for Cinderella from Into the Woods (we have a Wolf and Red too) and potentially Arsenal for myself and Slade for my boyfriend. The two Arrow costumes should be done by then as we are taking them to another event a few months earlier
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