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  1. -nightmare on elmstreet reunion. so easy making this. part 3 4 5 are easy to reunite. best start with englund. bring r. blakley finally. -ghostbusters. so many possible names out there -sean bean -stranger things cast -scream cast
  2. just some wishes... may it works may not... I would love to see these photoshoots: - rogue one (great reunion!) - alien (incl. roy scammell) - michael myers (tom morga & chris durand)
  3. so if one leader of the SOA gang is not available get the other... go for charly ;-)
  4. It's not entirely down to scheduling conflicts and availability in the photo area, the driving force is that the guests have to agree to do it. It may not be that they haven't, I'm just pointing out that group shots aren't only determined by those factors. totally got the point that can avoid group shoots but still cant understand it mostly, esp. because they are doing there single shoots all after in a row and except chapman all done conventions with group shoots. the only reason would be that one of the three guests would decline, would suprise me if this is the reason in that case in my opinion group shoots are really highlights for most events/conventions as its rare that reunions come together that way and to be fair its simple normal to most events. I got the hellraiser group shoot in 2011 at LFCC with clive barker and its still one of my best moments ever. as said it would be easy here, even getting tickets for all single shoots and just combine them at the end of there single shoots as they are straight after no complain at all but something to think about for all future events as I often thought why they didnt offer group shoots like for the BTTF reunion in 2015, or some great other reunions showmasters already had
  5. oh well... would be an easy goal as there shoots are all right after in a 15 minute timeframe but if its not possible, well a bummer...
  6. is it possible to get those hellraiser guests in a joined shoot as they are just five minutes between each shoot? like oliver smith single, sean chapman single (already have higgins) and after all three?
  7. oh no... another one... line up really changed in the last minutes... :-/
  8. You've Oliver Smith announced as well so there's stil a reunion of three of the actors you are right and I appreciate it that they announced some other hellraiser guest but cranham is a rare guest these day and somebody special in the franchise and a main reason to go, so very sad about this... so my hope is now that they do a hellraiser 2 reunion in 2017 with him and others, maybe imogen boorman and angus mscinnes... andrew robinson is also always a good name for hellraiser 1...
  9. I highly recommend a "bigger" reunion. In the US the cast from the first four movies doing complete reunions now and thats a lot more interesting than just 1-2 cast members.
  10. robert watts indy and star wars. always a class act.
  11. Ecto1 and some guest from ghostbusters for an photo op
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