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  1. Avengers7

    Lynda Carter

    What about meeting the original Wonder Woman. I'm sure that she turned up in the film - Sky High with Kurt Russel. Can anyone confirm?
  2. Pros Early entry on Saturday and Sunday Gold pass room regularly stocked with chairs, water and sweets No need for VTs Front of talks. Called second for Diamond Photos and autos. Cons Goody bag was hardly that. Most of what I had was not worth it. Being stopped form entering Gold Pass room numerous times today during diamond talks. Excuse was that we may have listened from inside the room. Crew members who had no idea that the pass meant we could join a queue at any time or go to the fron of the photoshoot queues - more training maybe. Ten pound auto vouchers - not very useful when your not a Star Wars fan at this event. Too many were sold- it didn't feel special or exclusive. I hope Showmasters look at this and give feedback when they come back from the event. Like I said, we don't want to be treated like royalty but do expect something exclusive for the £225 that we paid.
  3. Avengers7

    Random Acts of kindness...

    Thanks to the gentleman in front of me in the Rose Leslie queue who offered to let me go in front of him as my photoshoot time was vastly approaching. I didn't need to but thanks for the offer. Have to say that all the regular attendees in the auto queues were brilliant.
  4. Avengers7

    Sunday feedback and review

    I'm not on Facebook or Twitter so neither is going to be of any use - better signage and information at the event would be great.
  5. Avengers7

    Sunday feedback and review

    And for those of us not on Twitter?
  6. Avengers7

    Anyone met Sigourney Weaver yet?

    Dint get to meet her unfortunately - not even with a Gold Pass.
  7. Avengers7

    So I don't look disabled

    It was the able bodied people that were the problem - pushing and shoving. The amount of times I was knocked over by a poster tube or caught in the face by some random cosplayers bow and arrow! I lost count.
  8. Avengers7

    Gold Pass Review.

    I wouldn't have even called it a goody bag myself - much better when we had an autograph pack - why change it.
  9. Avengers7

    Gold Pass Review.

    For photos it's brilliant especially if you have a lot but it just seems the exclusivity has gone.
  10. Avengers7

    Diamond Pass Improvements

    But gold had to get VTs for diamond pass guests. The best idea here is to sell diamond pass guest package where only diamond passes can meet the guest and no one else. Yes people will be disappointed but at least people who had paid could get everything they were entitled to.
  11. Avengers7


    Attendees have to take some responsibility for the weekend troubles as well. at one stage they were told numerous times to move away from exits, aisles etc but stood there causing a hazard.
  12. Avengers7

    Favourite guest ?

    Hayley Atwell by a mile. Also Neve Campbell
  13. Think they were only to be used at this one.
  14. Avengers7


    Just to say some of the shoots seemed to have lighting difficulties yet again. Some photos were being taken so quickly that in one I was caught in mid sentence which looked awful but couldn't change it. Some photos were excellent but others far too light and quick.
  15. Avengers7

    Gold Pass Review.

    The problem was I am not into Aliens or Star Wars, I had already met the Game of Thrones Guests so had no choice whatsoever.
  16. Couldn't find him anywhere which was a bit annoying.
  17. Avengers7

    Day 3

    Agree with everything you said. A very stressful day especially with clashes on more than one level and being told that I would have to make a choice who to see and who to miss.
  18. Worth it for getting to front of photoshoots. Rubbish pack, locked out of gold pass room for some time. Not sure it was worth it but it did get u in early which was a bonus.
  19. Avengers7

    Sunday Photo Shoot Changes

    Looks like ill have to.
  20. Avengers7

    Sunday Photo Shoot Changes

    Tried that with a clash today and was told that i would have to attend the later session or lose money.
  21. Avengers7

    Sunday Photo Shoot Changes

    How does that help me with three clashes and no chance of staying for the later sessions?
  22. Avengers7

    Sunday Photo Shoot Changes

    Why has that changed? So i now have 3 shoots all starting at 9.30!! Any ideas?
  23. Could we have some confirmation on this. A friend of mine who is there today said that he got in 20 minutes late and the Gold Pass organizing was a shambles today. Are we getting in 10 mins early? Will the wristbands be given out in the queue? Any confirmation would be appreciated.
  24. Avengers7

    Diamond Pass complaint

    But she is part of the S Weaver pass and he had a gold pass as well.