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  1. Hello i am thinking about getting a diamond pass for robert englund and my questions are thus, 1) if i buy it can i collect it from the venue on the friday as i am travelling and wont be at home to receive it, And if not can i specify a different address to have it sent to for me to collect? Thanks in advance.
  2. I think it may come down to what they are allowed to use. Some of the images may be under copyright protection. I would think.
  3. E cigs have around 10 x more chemicals in them than regular cigarettes and the second hand vapour is worse for you than second hand smoke. They are in no way more healthy only good thing is yoy dont reek of smoke.
  4. My bad either i misread the origonal post or it has been edited, it was late or becase i was on my mobile im not sure but cant see it now not like i would pull that number out of thin air. No matter i like the new system and my sudgestion was more wishfull thinking on my part.
  5. Good points Sorock but ? There is a set value to the gold passes and we feel there is around 20% buy just for the talks and another 40% buy just for the queue jumping and would say there is also a combined group that buy for both 40% the thing is its a package and over 60% is for the queue jumping and thats the real value really so offering just the queue jumping would fill up the queue just the same as selling more gold passes so why reduce the amount of gold passes on sale if we still have to many queue jumpers by putting another ticket on sale that will fill up the lines the same , at the end of the day the Gold passes income pays for some of the free things we do around the show the display cars or a talk zone is paid for by some of the gold passes so they have a job to do and its impotent that they still do this job. hope that helps explain how things work a little more jason Thanks for the responce. May i ask why then have you lowered the number of gold passes on sale to 250 which was said in the original post? I was not implying to lower this any more, I understand the idea that if you sell q jump tickets then the q will be more full but if you have lowered the number of gold tickets then why not balance it out by creating the ammount that you have reduced it by in the other ticket form? As up to and including this year there has never been a overcrowding effect from gold pass holders. Thanks again for the responce.
  6. Hi jason, New system sounds good. As you have lowered the number of gold passes that will be sold, How about adding a new class of ticket to make up for the lack of gold passes? I buy a gold pass each year but with the extras added and the slight jump in price neither of which im keen on, What about making a small ammount of que jumper tickets a fast track type ticket that gets you the same priority for photos and autographs but no talks no added low price guest autographs or photos and at a lower price than gold? Each year i buy a gold pass mainly for the que jumping part of it alone. I think this would be a good addition to your ticket system.
  7. Any idea why i would have received my entry tickets order when i am still waiting on delivery of my stan lee photoshoot tickets that i ordered 4 months before?
  8. so will there be a separate q for comic silver? do comic silver get in early or before the standard ticket holders? just wondering as i would normally buy a gold pass but had to wait due to my holiday and now they are sold out, and all that is left it comic silver and im finding it hard to justify paying £170 for very little. It seems to only have the one stan lee talk on sat, entry for the weekend, no need to use vq tickets and a goody bag. Or am i missing something? i don't understand why the priority queuing for photo shoots has been removed i understand it has to be less than the gold comic but is not the cocktail reception and access to the gold chill out room not pleanty for the drop of £25 in price??
  9. Whats the chance of more gold passes being added for this event? the comic silver seems to be all that is left but the price is not much less than the gold passes but has not much for it, i see you get to join auto q without vq ticket and you get the stan lee talk/audience thing and a goody bag seems a bit lacking for £170 considering there are no other talks or any photo session priority included.
  10. Would this be ok to have signed? Was thinking about buying it. http://www.art-gifts-direct.co.uk/stunning-marvel-comics-spider-man-spidey-superhero-official-framed-comic-strip-poster-print-brand-new-free-uk-pp-467-p.asp
  11. I personally think they should keep the ammount of photoshoots the same as they normally do. I understand folk saying that they will go home without a photo but i dont think it very fair to take time from his normal auto signing as it is essentially taking autos from folk who sometimes have to wait for hours to get there turn. Photoshoots are sold in advance so you can guarantee you get one, autographs are first come first served and they come by the hundreds for them. I almost missed out on brian blessed at winter con even tho i had waited all day and i must say if i had missed it due to the guest doing extra photos i would not have been a happy lad.
  12. i just bought 2 for Friday, but you need to remember more photo shoots takes time away from his auto signing which is not really that fair as some folk wont want photos and he will be really busy.
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