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  1. Michael has recently appeared on the website - nice guest !
  2. ... because we were told previously that he was rescheduled for now (the same as a new announcement), and he's on the website. If him being on the website was wrong, I reckon they would have taken him off when they added John Glen, who was announced very recently.
  3. Well apart from the fact that he's on the (bang up-to-date) website .... Here it is from the horse's mouth. ... a thread which I now see you posted in
  4. Well come then Make it worth the expense Less than a tenner on megabus ....
  5. Hardly pivotal, but she was in the Final Battle, yes. Sigh. I'd love just one announcement on this forum that doesn't get met with "i can't be arsed travelling, please bring them to me". Not getting at reddragon personally, just dull that this happens so much.
  6. Yeah, would def meet her at a signing event rather than a convention.
  7. Keep the B&T guests coming, but especially William Saddler (Grim Reaper in Bogus Journey).
  8. We've previously had Jonathan Hyde, David Warner, Bernard Hill, Jeanette Goldstein, and I'd love any of them to come back. Kate and Leo are unlikely, but what about Victor Garber (also Alias), Ioan Gruffudd, Kathy Bates, Craig Kelly (brother of Dean Lennox Kelly) and of course Bill Paxton gets mentioned once a week on the forum.
  9. Not strokey-beard from Dragons' Den then ? .....
  10. Or someone who spoke on screen. Bit lacking of late unfortunately.
  11. Sad loss, but slighly intreagued about what needed moderated.
  12. God, why is there always a topic for every event, bemoaning over-representation of a franchise ? Agreeing with the other responses, Autographica has always been for (amongst other things) classic film, and Bond is the biggest classic franchise there is. And it just so happens that there is an agency representing many of the stars of the films, so they are readily obtainable, and go down well with attendees. If anything, I would like to see "meatier" Bond guests (more promenant ones) but I have no problem with the quantity.
  13. Do you have to be called yellow to post here ? God I hate when twitter causes crap like this.
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