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  1. Best. Jason. Ever!!!! Met him twice before and he has always been really cool. Defo booking a photo shoot!!!
  2. She is in one of the best episodes of The League EVER!!! I may well have to meet her just for that! Pete Top, Kevin Bottom baby!!! :)
  3. My condolances. Sending love and strength to you and your family. X
  4. Really want to meet Steven Williams from X-Files, Supernatural, Stargate SG1, Jason Goes To Hell, 21 Jump Street, The Equalizer, Twilight Zone Movie and The Blues Brothers. Tell me he wouldn't be a massivly popular guest!
  5. Tyler Mane would indeed also be a great guest! :)
  6. So happy to see Nana Visitor and Lexa Doig are both at LFCC this year. As a major Friday the 13th fanboy, this gets my juices flowing. But can we please have Derek Mears and Ted White at a future show. The only two actors who have played Jason and never done a major British show or convention.
  7. Ted White, the actor who played Jason in F13th Part 4, widely regarded as one of the best installments, is the only actor to play Jason who hasn't made a UK con appearance (other than Derek Mears from the re-make that is).
  8. What about Janina Gavankar from True Blood, Arrow, Greys Anatomy and Stargate?
  9. I haven't been to a convention in ages and I hoping I can make it to this one really badly!!! If Summer Glau and/or Gina Torres is in attendance, that would go a long way to twisting my arm. Anyhoo... I voted for Nathan, Gina and Christina. I was lucky enough to have met Nathan and Christina before, both of whom were lovely and I would like to meet them both again (Nathan because I need a proper professional photo with him and Christina because she is FINE!!!!!!)
  10. Good point. I know a couple of fellas that may well have it. Admit it, she looks mega hot!!!
  11. This is the most amazing picture of her that I have EVER seen!!! Will you have 8x10's of this at the show? Also, how good did she look in Scream 4 with her short hair. I think she looks smokin with the short do myself
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