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  1. Not into classic who at all, so not seen much of it. So Matt Smith is by far my favourite doctor think he's way better at it than david or chris were.
  2. It would be great to get him to an event soon. I would love to meet Corey.
  3. Guests from Psychoville would be great. It's one of my fave shows at the moment, so funny. Especially Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton.
  4. Middleman

    Season 4....

    HBO have released the 1st three minutes of season 4 http://thevoiceoftv.com/tv/2011-06-02/watc...blood-season-4/
  5. I would pay those prices for all of those people especially Stan Lee, been wanting to meet him for years.
  6. The counter-argument is that all those two seconds add up across hundreds of autographs, which is true enough. However, I too prefer personalisations, and I'd rather that autographs were limited to one per person than have dedications stopped. Yeah I think that if a guest is THAT busy then people should be limited to 1 or 2 autos that can be personalised rather than up to 5 each that cant. Would mean more people get at least 1 signature. At the chevron con werent people limited to 1 in person autograph from RDA?? Maybe that was for a different reason but the logic is the same.
  7. 1)Peter Jackson 2)Liv Tyler 3)Dominic Monaghan
  8. Personally I wouldnt buy an autograph if I knew that said guest wasn't personalising. Every single autograph I own except one is signed to me (a patrick stewart that a friend got for me). It makes it much more of a personal experience in my opinion. I wouldn't buy from a dealer because you can never be 100% sure about where it has come from. I dont agree with reasons for not personalising to be honest. How long would it take for the person that takes your money to write your name on a post it note or something and put it on the photo. So when the photo is handed to the guest they can see who to make it out to straightaway. For example it would take 2 seconds to write "To Bob" on a picture.
  9. Peter Jackson just announced Orlando Bloom is officially added to the cast. http://www.facebook.com/PeterJacksonNZ
  10. Cancellations are part and parcel of events like this unfortunately. You always get a few. There are still over 80 guests there over the weekend. Personally I think the line up is excellent.
  11. mostly for the sports stars they charge more if you want the signature on an item say a boxing glove or football rather than just a picture.
  12. The very 1st comic con I went to me and my mate ended up with virtual queue ticket with quite a high number for Elijah Wood and he didnt get anywhere near the ticket numbers we had. Needless to say I've learned my lessson since then and made sure to arrive very early to these things and havent missed out on a guest since
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