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  1. Yes Please!!! i can get my Betrayal theatre programme signed
  2. OMG This would be amazing if it happened.
  3. Sooty

    Guest announcement Friday 27th

    I would personally love to see Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill or Bradley Walsh announced, especially as the annoucement is coming on payday!!
  4. Sooty

    Guest Suggestions

    Yes Please!!! Guarantee Diamond Pass booked.
  5. Yes I think you do!! Well done for getting it right. I haven't managed it in 10 years.
  6. Cool!!!! Will definitely be coming down for this one.
  7. I would be sqeeking with excitement if it was eoither one of these 2. I would also like to see Tom Burke as it will be his first Con since he starred in the Robert Galbraith adaptations.
  8. Sooty

    Guest Suggestions

    Gary Sinise Ted Danson Karl Urban Ben Barnes Tara Fitzgerald Guy Henry Richard Armitage Luke Evans Andy Serkis Tom Burke Luke Pasqualino Santiago Cabrera Jamie Parker Paul Thornley Noma Dumezweni Any of the current Doctor Who cast Any of the Backstreet Boys (as I cannot get to Dortmund!) Please and Thankyou Showmasters.
  9. Sooty

    Guest cancellation - ALEX KINGSTON

    Diamond pass booked for Sunday. Nice one Showmasters.
  10. Sooty

    General Chat

    I have been doing these comic cons solo for the past 10 years. its allways fun to meet new people.
  11. Sooty

    Statement From Jason

    Better get there early on friday. I went for a cake in a jar last year on sunday and the stall had literally sold every one.
  12. Sooty

    Statement From Jason

    What are Caramac Cupcakes, are they cheep and where can I buy them?
  13. Sooty

    Statement From Jason

    I will be on Pot Noodles and Packet Pasta until the event if it is someone I desperatly want to meet!
  14. Sooty

    General Chat

    Glad it was good as I have tickets to the Birmingham concert in 2 weeks!! Loved them for years.