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  1. Diamond pass booked for Sunday. Nice one Showmasters.
  2. Sooty

    General Chat

    I have been doing these comic cons solo for the past 10 years. its allways fun to meet new people.
  3. Sooty

    Guest Suggestions

    Karl Urban, Richard Armitage, All of the Backstreet Boys Pretty Please Showmasters!!!
  4. Sooty

    Statement From Jason

    Better get there early on friday. I went for a cake in a jar last year on sunday and the stall had literally sold every one.
  5. Sooty

    Statement From Jason

    What are Caramac Cupcakes, are they cheep and where can I buy them?
  6. Sooty

    Statement From Jason

    I will be on Pot Noodles and Packet Pasta until the event if it is someone I desperatly want to meet!
  7. Sooty

    General Chat

    Glad it was good as I have tickets to the Birmingham concert in 2 weeks!! Loved them for years.
  8. That would be Epic!!!!!
  9. I've recently seen John Wick 3. i would go crazy if it is Keanu Reeves.
  10. Fingers crossed for me too! I would love to meet her.
  11. Would love to see him as he will be my first ever CSI Guest!!
  12. Its quite quiet for me this year. I only have 2 Diamond passes for Saturday compared to the 5 I had last year, 4 of which were for Sunday. I wonder what is making Showmasters hold on for a week before announcing?
  13. I'm hoping for either Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston (pretty please Showmasters!!).
  14. Sooty


    I'm there or the whole weekend and have 2 diamond passes allready. I would live to see some amazing guests announced for Sunday as both of my passes are currently for Saturday.
  15. Wicked Guest Announcement. I have bought Diamond passes for both Tom and Jason.