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  1. Litafan83

    Diamond Pass Gifts = good

    What was the DP gift for Carrie Anne Moss ? Just curious
  2. I have met some really nice guests at this years lfcc, but i wanted to mention how amazing Carrie-Anne moss is at this event, she is one nicest guests i have met. I’m gutted that i couldn’t attend her talk as it was on sunday and i was only there on the saturday, bet she had great stories to tell about her acting career. she was friendly, had a bit of a chat about her matrix character and got a hand shake and smile, thank you Showmasters, i hope she can attend another event in the near future and maybe get other matrix star guests
  3. Litafan83

    General Chat

    Has anyone know next year lfcc dates yet ?
  4. Is carrie anne moss doing any talks ?
  5. Litafan83

    General Chat

    Will there be any matrix cosplayers attending on saturday ?
  6. Litafan83

    Preliminary Schedule UPDATED 10/07

    I think batch 5 or 6. I have to get the 16:50 train, if the pm slot started at 16:00, I could have made it, but 17:00 too late for me to make that one. If the crew could get me in the am slot it would help me a lot
  7. Litafan83

    Preliminary Schedule UPDATED 10/07

    I can’t make the pm slot and i know they call in batches
  8. Litafan83

    Preliminary Schedule UPDATED 10/07

    Can the Robert Carlyle Saturday am slot be extended please ?
  9. Litafan83

    General Chat

    Fair enough, i’ll show them my train ticket, i really hope the showmasters crew can help me, they would be doing me a massive favour
  10. Litafan83

    General Chat

    Yes it is the Saturday, okay thank you for your advice and help, just hoping the staff can help me otherwise i have wasted £86
  11. Litafan83

    General Chat

    Hello, i have a situation with a photoshoot, I have to leave the event at 16:45, but i got a Robert Carlyle photoshoot batch 5, i need to the morning slot because the afternoon is after 17:00. Can someone help me please ?
  12. Litafan83

    Guest Suggestions

    Christopher walken
  13. Litafan83

    Guest Suggestions

    Tanya Roberts (A view to a kill)