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  1. There weren't any guests I wanted to meet but I still had fun I thought the stalls were really good a lot of variety and although it was crowded there was a great atmosphere I loved it! Will definitely go back as its so convenient for me but I do hope there's more of a mix of guests next time.
  2. tbh I think there are too many star wars, doctor who and GOT guests like there are other things around I wish it would cater for more modern shows like Penny Dreadful etc I know its the first one at Bournemouth but there aren't any guests personally for me like not everyone in the world likes GOT Im just going for the stalls now
  4. I love Hannibal and would love to get a selfie with him or Will Graham I'll be carrying my 'Eat The Rude' Tote bag so beware I may scream if I detect *smell* any other Hannibal fans
  5. Ill never forget going to Collectormania 4 (my first con) to meet the LOTR stars and I couldn't get a VT for any of them. I had travelled nearly 200 miles from 5am in the morning. It was a disaster until a kind lady like yourself gave me a VT for Sean Astin one of the stars I had wanted to meet. It made my whole day better even though I was still so sad I couldn't meet Dominic Monaghan or Elijah Wood I was grateful beyond words that someone was kind enough to give me their ticket (they had seen how upset I was)
  6. Wow. Seriously? You should get what you pay for its as simple as that. Really sorry for the fans affected by this.
  7. Yey at least I know there'll be a friendly crew member when I go to the Bournemouth Con then! You have a great attitude!
  8. Ah thanks for clearing that up QS and for your prompt reply!
  9. Hi are all the tickets sold for Bournemouth because when I tried to buy from the online shop everything was blank? Edit: OK I see I was using the old site so I just brought 2 from eventbrite! But I haven't used this site before & keep hearing about validating tickets? I was charged £32.00 but didn't see anywhere to validate them? Also do I just print those tickets off and bring them on the day? And one more question, can you leave the BIC and then return later or do you have to stay in the building? Its been so long since Ive been to a showmasters I used to be a pro
  10. I want to see photos from the John Watson Exhibition uh I mean Tim from The Office Exhibition
  11. Can we get Joseph Timms (Icarus in BBC Atlantis) I thought he was brilliant in tonights episode! And again Sarah Parish and any of the Merlin cast please SM?!! I know I keep asking but they're the ones I love
  12. elf-soup


    Id sing the rest but Ive forgotten the words
  13. YES!! A Merlin guest!! Thank you!! Please can we have more from Merlin SM?!
  14. I don't think Sherlock Holmes himself could work out a schedule for Sherlocked Im not going to this event but I would be so angry and upset to even consider having to miss out on things Id paid for and miss half a talk just to get somewhere else because the times clash. Id be constantly worried about getting places and wouldn't be able to enjoy it. I hope you guys do manage to do everything you want at this event though despite all the clashes (which should never have happened)
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