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  1. DrBungle

    Next Guest Announcements - Next Week

    Any updates as to when the next announcements might be taking place?
  2. DrBungle

    Guest Suggestions

    Bruce Campbell David Naughton John Carpenter Charlie Cox Krysten Ritter
  3. DrBungle

    Are you missing the Con?

    I've definitely got the post con blues, the same happens every year. My feet and wallet aren't missing it though. Both of those seem to be suffering more and more each year :-)
  4. Wow, what an incredible event LFCC 2018 was. Great work by Showmasters again. Physically broken today, but already looking forward to the next event. With that in mind did the date for next year's summer event get announced over the weekend at all ? Apologies if this post is striking fear into your bank accounts so soon after the last event :-)
  5. DrBungle

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Can never smile naturally for the camera, instead it comes out like Wallace's smile !
  6. DrBungle

    Countdown Thread

    Hope everyone has a great time this weekend . Im really looking forward to it..safe travels everyone
  7. DrBungle

    Big Guest Announcement- Tonight 9pm

    I hear you. My wallet is trembling in fear
  8. DrBungle

    Guest Postponed - Lucy Davis

    Shame. 3 cancellations in one day for me
  9. DrBungle

    Guest Cancellation - Ted Raimi

    Shame, was really looking to meeting him. The week before the event is always nerve-wracking in regards to cancellations
  10. Oh nooooooo. Hopefully get him next year
  11. DrBungle

    Autograph Holders / Protectors

    I quite like the Itoya folders with acid free sleeves. They're not the cheapest, but a nice product
  12. DrBungle


    Ok, it was my bad. I'll hang my head in shame. Apologies for wasting peoples time, wasn't intentional. Anyway, looking forward to meeting Tom again. True gentleman
  13. DrBungle


    Tried a browser refresh, and an alternative browser and still can't see them on https://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com Im going try swearing at it, see if that helps
  14. DrBungle


    Just noticed that neither Tom nor Matt have been added to the main websites homepage. Assuming web site maintainers haven't had chance to do this yet, rather than it being an oversight ?
  15. DrBungle

    Who are you meeting!?

    Photos so far Friday James Callis Meat Loaf Lance Henriksen Jewel Staite Ted Raimi Saturday Rory McCann Iwan Rheon Tony Robinson Edward James Olmos Tim McInnery Peter Weller Davis Duchovny Miranda Richardson Sunday Lucy Davis Matthew Modine Tom Atkins Amber Rose Revah Paul Kaye Ivanna MilicEvic