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  1. DrBungle

    Who are you meeting!?

    List so far for me : David Naughton Charles Dance Billy Dee Williams Alfie Allen Many more to follow !
  2. Fingers crossed for a Police Academy reunion
  3. DrBungle

    Guest Suggestions

    Bruce Campbell Kit Harrington Timothy Dalton Timothy Olyphant Elizabeth Shue Elizabeth Olson Dave Bautista Jake The Snake Roberts Eliza Dushku Expecting that we'll start seeing more guest announcements after this weekends event in Bournemouth. That's a few weeks on the bounce that there's been shows, so guessing the team have been very busy .
  4. DrBungle

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANSON MOUNT

    Great announcement
  5. DrBungle


    Usually stay in the Crowne Plaza in Kensington. Nice hotel, can usually be gotten for around £150 a night if you book far enough in advance
  6. Do we know which day it is yet that the announcements are going to be made on?
  7. DrBungle

    General Chat

    I only get there in 40 mins though.
  8. DrBungle

    General Chat

    Queues don't look too bad from the photo above
  9. DrBungle


    Love seeing the commitment to the cause on this thread. Thankfully I only need to leave the house at 8am. Safe journey everyone, and have an epic con!
  10. DrBungle

    Guest Suggestions

    Bruce Campbell Pedro Pascal Lena Headey Martin Shaw David Jason Deborah Ann Woll
  11. DrBungle

    Guest Days & Prices - LCCS 2019

    Thanks @Queen_Sindel
  12. DrBungle

    Guest Days & Prices - LCCS 2019

    hi, can someone clarify if Ted Raimi is now Sunday only. The above implies he is, but the main website still states Saturday and Sunday
  13. DrBungle

    Who are you meeting!?

    At present the following: George Lazenby, Charles Dance Caroline Blakiston Dermot Crowley Christopher Fairbank Lucy Davis
  14. DrBungle

    Autograph holders

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for autograph holders/storage? Thanks in advance
  15. DrBungle

    Star Trek photos for autographs

    The queues at the photo sale table yesterday were pretty crazy. Dreading to imagine what today will be like. Maybe in future events it might be good to have a stall in the holding area. People could get stuff there whilst waiting for the event to open