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  1. I really enjoyed this con. Thank you Showmasters for letting me meet a lot of fantastic guests and helping me with my clash. Looking forward to next year!
  2. That is strange. I talked to info desk about my Billy Dee Williams photo shoot and Christina Ricci talk clash ( I had batch 4 for Billy) and they happily let me go to the morning shoot. It even says above the schedule that you can go to the morning shoot if you have a clash. Email the shop, put down the ticket numbers and explain the situation they might be able to do something for you.
  3. I saw her leave with a long line of fans waiting for autographs. Decided not to get an autograph because she didn’t look like she was up to it. Maybe in future we could just get a selfie and thank the guest for their work rather than have them sign autographs if they are feeling unwell.
  4. Email the shop if you want a full refund but be aware they are busy so it may take time to respond.
  5. Oh okay. Never had a gold pass just Diamond passes. I assumed by goody bag they meant the gift.
  6. Yes, with Diamond pass you get autograph, photo shoot and a goody bag which is either a gift or printed picture. If you click on the guest you have a diamond pass for it will tell you what is included.
  7. I would not be surprised she is in her 80s. Personally I am getting her autograph as early as possible.
  8. For Billy Dee Williams If I can’t do AM then I will talk to crew at PM slot. Photo shoot starts 15 mins before talk. I was just worried that I would arrive at 9.00 and not get in until 10.
  9. Also if I am 5 minuets late for a free talk am I still able to get in? A few talks I want to do Friday. Thanks.
  10. I have DPs for Brendan Fraser and Christina Ricci (which includes the talk) Batch 2 for Ian Sommerhalder and batch 4 for Tom Ellis. I also have a batch 4 for Billy Dee Williams who clashes with the talk at the PM slot so hoping they could squeeze me in at the Am just before 11. Like I said I don’t know how fast it would take to get in once the event opens. How early I would have to arrive. I will be collecting DPs on Friday so I will not have to worry about these.
  11. A couple of them are an hour long. I just didn’t know how long it would take to get in once the event opened.
  12. I have two DPs, batch 2 and batch 4. What if I arrive at 8.30 would that be better?
  13. This is my first Saturday I will be attending. Have previously attended on Sundays. If I arrive at 9.00 will I be in time for the 9.30 photo shoots. I have 4 clashing together and would struggle with the PM slots because of a paid talk.
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