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  1. simon_m_davies

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALICE KRIGE

    Very cool! I’ve only recently started getting into Star Trek so Alice is a pretty awesome guest for me
  2. simon_m_davies

    Latest Guest Announcement - SYLVESTER McCOY

    Keep missing sylvester at these events. Going to make sure THIS is the one where I finally get a photo!
  3. simon_m_davies

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love some Star Trek guests to go alongside Alice. Also, Jessie Cave from Harry Potter would be cool as I missed her at lfcc. Also, someone from Walking Dead.
  4. simon_m_davies

    Latest Guest Announcement - ETHAN PECK

    Definitely getting a photo and auto from Ethan. Thought he was a really great Spock.
  5. simon_m_davies

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALAN VAN SPRANG

    Another one for my Discovery season 2 poster. Amazing! Thought he was fantastic in the show.
  6. simon_m_davies

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANSON MOUNT

    I’m so excited about this announcement. I’ve got a season 2 poster that I got signed by Shazad Latif at LFCC on Fri. Can’t wait to get this great man’s autograph on there too
  7. simon_m_davies

    Guest suggestions.

    I know they attended last year but I couldn’t attend and would LOVE the Discovery cast brought back again...along with Michelle Yeoh!!
  8. simon_m_davies


    Hayden has been one of my most wanted meets for years and I never thought it would happen. I had the Diamond Pass and met him very early on Sat. I was so nervous but he was just the nicest person ever. He’s level with matt smith for me as nicest guest experience I’ve had. His handshakes are amazing. He just keeps shaking your hand long after you’d expect him to. In the auto he made sure my autograph went where I wanted it, what colour I wanted it in, whether I wanted character name etc. I told him that I hoped he felt the love for him at the con. He said he did and he was touched. I love my photo with him too. Got a hug one. Came out of it shaking haha.
  9. simon_m_davies

    William Shatner Appreciation!

    William was an absolute gentleman when I met him yesterday for both photo and auto. I was so happy that he was personalising. He was very welcoming and polite I thought. Professional but lovely. Got a nice fist bump off him too, (as I know he’s not keen on handshakes). Really happy I met him
  10. simon_m_davies


    Ian was an absolute sweetheart. Have wanted to meet him for years and finally I got the chance. He was so genuine and appreciative when I was telling him how much Vampire Diaries meant to me and he was saying how it is such a massive part of his life and how he has nothing but fond memories of it and loves it. I told him I wish it had never ended as, for me, it just got better and better. He seemed chuffed to hear that. I was nervous as hell meeting him but he was so lovely.
  11. simon_m_davies

    Jason isaacs Appreciation

    Jason was absolutely outstanding. He’s gone straight into my top 5 guests I’ve ever met. I got to meet him early on Friday with my Diamond Pass and he was so warm, kind and genuine. So very humble too. Spoke to me for a good amount of time about how lucky he was to play such fantastic roles that make him popular but for every great character he turns down a bunch of scripts that aren’t that great. We then spoke about Star Trek Discovery and he was telling me his thoughts on season 2. He said to me that people like me who wait to meet him must leave disappointed as he’s just a normal guy with a family who happens to be good at acting...I was far from disappointed! Absolute wonderful man.
  12. simon_m_davies


    The first two Mummy films are among my all-time favourite movies and I have fond memories of growing up enjoying George of the Jungle and Bedazzled but because of lack of funds I’d kind of settled on the fact that I unfortunately wouldn’t be meeting Brendan..but I’ve just been watching some recent interviews with him and I just absolutely adore him. Have now decided that I somehow need to at least get a photo!
  13. simon_m_davies


    I’m over the moon with this one. Loved her in Solo. Big guest for me. Chuffed.
  14. simon_m_davies


    Cool guest. At that price, think I’ll at least grab a photo. Please keep the Harry Potter guests coming Showmasters
  15. simon_m_davies


    Met him for a photo at collectormania. Even in that short time with him, I was touched by how warm and lovely he was. I still adore my pic with him. If anyone is considering meeting him, I’d urge you to do it.