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  1. Anyone from the Avengers films ... especially a return appearance by Jeremy Renner Ben Platt
  2. One for my SGU collection and a Disney Princess for my teenage daughter
  3. That’s the second time now ... and can’t make it to the summer one this year
  4. The cast was a real who’s who of the 80s ... one of my favourites was Bob Carolgees and Spit the Dog as the Chinese Police Force!
  5. Tom Vaughan-Lawlor was so lovely. Couldn’t believe it when I went to get his autograph and he had no queue. Stood chatting for ages about things like the weather, lack of sleep caused by children, did I have a favourite Avenger etc. Such a nice guy. Peter Davison’s face when he was looking through the panto programme I gave him to sign was amazing. And the photo sessions with Meatloaf, Sam Neill, Tom Welling and Arthur Darvill .... all great experiences.
  6. Panto programme from 1985 signed by Peter Davison.
  7. I prefer landscape photos but ended up with a portrait one with Tom Welling - and my side missing in the photo! When I complained I got told they would only retake photos for blinking
  8. So glad this has been announced as I can’t make the Summer one next year
  9. Would have liked one for my daughter to put her photo in but unfortunately not one of the photo shoots I went to on the Sunday had any left. A better idea would be to have them available but optional so that not so many get wasted.
  10. There were a couple of minor niggles during the visit. The disregard for batch numbers in one photo queue and the running out of folders in every photo area on Sunday but overall really enjoyed my day out Loved meeting Benedict Cumberbatch. Couldn't get over how chatty he was in the photo shoot! Also meeting Joe Dinicol! What a lovely guy. So friendly and chatty. He seemed to be enjoying meeting everyone and was coming round in front of the table for pictures. My 15 year old daughter came with me this year for the first time. I genuinely thought she'd be bored by all the waiting around but she loved every second of the day and can't wait to go again.
  11. One other thing. I know it's only a minor niggle but out of 5 photo shoots today not one came with the collector booklet because every area had run out
  12. Photo sessions are still a free for all. I went to the Benedict Wong photo session with a batch 1 as the Benedict Cumberbatch one was running late so thought I'd get through the other one quickly then back to BC. Explained to the crew I needed to get back and got told it was a short session so they weren't bothering with batch numbers and I'd be fine. Got back to BC to be told it was too late to join the queue and to come back in the afternoon- where I now have other clashes and now need to keep asking crew to let me through quickly to get to other shoots.
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