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  1. Well yes, "Say my name" etc etc then he signed stuff afterwards at a marvel booth
  2. Great announcement for his fans. He looks very different now from the films I remember him in
  3. Damn! Was about to cancel the hotel because I wasn't sure if I wanted to go. But now I'm not so sure! >.<
  4. Jesus £61 entry. I'm gonna have to wait here because I need to buy for two people :/
  5. Booked Hilton and I think I got a good deal. Two people 4 nights £325
  6. I feel like that 40% more space means that Jason will release 40% more tickets so we won't feel the benefit at all
  7. i am sorry i was there no one was manhadling anyone all they did was have there had behind you and moved it to tall you when it was your time to move forward , the shoot was a long distance from the photographer and it was hard to her the photographer say next like in other shoots , i know it might have seemed odd but it was just a way to let the person know you are good to move forward , hundreds of people went through this shoot i was there over seeing it and directing people just out from he shoot and i only saw happy people that did not feel in any way violated , i do think you are over reacting on this on one is there to upset or push or do something wrong with anyone , we just wanted it to go right for everyone and that has to included MJF who had an amassing time and loved being apart of the event even though he found it very hard work and took a lot out of him , but he would not have changed it for the world as he did really enjoy meeting so many people that had so much love and energy , and he told that to me himself. Jason You cannot tell people they're over-reacting about how being touched/shoved/treated by crew members, you can't dictate their experience. You've been doing this for years, as you keep saying, so you must be aware that touching people can lead to adverse problems, such as panic attacks, falling over etc. please address this problem professionally. No one questioned whether MJF was happy with the event, that's an unnecessary addition to your reply. Nail on head. No need to comment on MJF experience as that is completely irrelevant to the post and shined away from a genuine concern from one of your customers.
  8. I had a diamond pass and my experience was just like anyone else's. Quick hello, possible handshake, photo taken and thank you very much. The obvious perk was the ability to join his auto line, although this didn't meant getting to the front of the line and we still had a big wait like everyone else. I dread to think what position. I would have been in if I left the auto part until Sunday, I may not have gotten it, then there would be tantrum because I didn't pay £140 for nothing. The diamond pass only talk was good, although again really frickin short and it was late starting
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