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  1. I understand your reasoning for removing the post but will say I wasn't having a go or trying to start anything, I was simply sharing an experience I had just like others on this thread have.
  2. I was there when it happened so I know That, I'm just saying the final 2 week build up to the event doesn't seem as manic as usual as far as announcements go.
  3. Oh I realise that but usually (at least the last 3 years) the final 2 weeks before the event is usually so manic for guest announcements and so far it feels a little dull (at least at the moment).
  4. While I am not complaining about the current guest line up I am surprised that since the Quinto/Moss announcements we haven't so much as heard a peep about any more announcements of medium or big names yet apart from Manu Bennett and LFCC is edging closer by the day.
  5. Have met him once before at a different con and can safely say he is easily the nicest person I've met at a con (and I've met a lot). The con had ended at 6pm and he still had a massive queue (he likes to chat and do selfies with everyone), He offered to stay there until everyone in the autograph queue had been seen and ended up not leaving until gone 8pm. I give ultimate respect to this man and his love for the fans.
  6. If a matrix shoot did happen I'd hope it would be a green screen shoot that had the matrix code streaming behind you. I think that would look pretty cool.
  7. Zachary Quinto Saturday Batch 2 BOOKED. Am happy to add him to my HEROES collection.
  8. Yeah mistakes DO happen, like that sentence you just wrote.
  9. Are any of us truly surprised by this? Charles Dance has a reputation as a serial canceller
  10. Please announce Amanda Tapping and also Emilio Estevez to complete the family dynasty
  11. Also great username, I'm a massive Arrowverse fan.
  12. I really do hope I am wrong but he does have a reputation for cancelling last minute.
  13. Sadly I firmly believe that 1 or 2 weeks before the con he will cancel on us again.
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